Seize the Daylight and Improve Your Wellbeing

Seize the Daylight and Improve Your Wellbeing

We are approaching the longest day of the year and we will also be almost half way through 2018.  The upcoming Summer Solstice means that we will be fortunate enough to enjoy 17 hours of daylight, out of 24 hours, on 21st June. In the UK we have already been experiencing a large amount of […]

How to Stop Your Bad Mood Dampening Your Productivity

How to Stop Your Bad Mood Dampening Your Productivity

Have you ever thought about how your mood affects your productivity? We are all complex creatures, who are prone to changes in mood. Our state of mood in turn can influence our productivity, both positively and negatively. When our mood is in a negative state, we can struggle to focus and produce sub-standard work. So, […]

Procrastination – What are you afraid of?

Procrastination What are you afraid of

Procrastination can be defined as choosing to do something else other than the task you are supposed to be doing and it can be a real barrier to productivity. Procrastination is often a product of fear. This could be a fear of failure, making mistakes or even a fear of success. Whatever the root of […]

4 Big Distractions and How to Minimise Them


Modern technology, open plan offices, instant messaging, the list of distractions is endless. They’ve all contributed to our poor concentration levels and ability to be distracted easily.  We seem to find it difficult to focus on one thing for very long and this plays havoc with our productivity. Research by the University of California Irvine […]

How to get everything completed in a 4-day working week

4-day working week

For many of my readers we are approach Easter. We can look forward to a 4-day working week, and not just one but two!  Whilst most of us will welcome our first Bank Holiday since Christmas and New Year, some of us will no doubt be worrying about how we’re going to get everything accomplished […]

Sometimes Multi-Tasking Is the Only Option


Having the luxury of being able to focus on one task at a time, often ensures more accurate work and can lead to greater productivity.  However, sometimes time constraints and situations out of our control mean that we have no alternative but to multi-task.For example, a chef in a busy restaurant is unlikely to have […]

How to Ensure Your Meetings Aren’t Deemed A Time Waster

Are your meetings places where minutes are taken and hours wasted?

How to Ensure Your Meetings aren’t deemed A Time Waster

How successful are your meetings? Do they achieve the desired outcome of discussing ideas and debating issues that drive successful outcomes? What do others think of your meetings? In the United Kingdom the average businessperson sits through 207 meetings a year. and spends the equivalent of five working days getting to them in the first […]

How to Worry Less and Achieve more

Concentrate on what you can influence and control

How to Worry Less and Achieve more

How would your life improve if you could worry less and achieve more in the daily 24 hours available to you? People only have so much time and energy to spend each day. Does it really make sense to spend your time worrying about things you can’t influence? Worrying about the weather won’t change it. […]

Spring Clean your Time Wasters

Spring Clean your Time Wasters

We’re just about to head into March, which signals lighter mornings and evenings. This extra daylight boost should lead to an increase in energy and productivity. However, if we don’t address the time wasters in our lives, it’s unlikely that we’ll be as productive as we could be. Certain activities are so disruptive to our […]