Effective Time Management at The Start of the Academic Year

effective time management

Effective time management is the last thing on students minds as they go into a new academic year. After what has felt like an incredibly long Summer, it will soon be time for students to start/return to their new Academic year.  If this applies to you, hopefully you’ve had a refreshing break and are eager […]

How often do you sharpen your time management tools?

Self reflection Friday #5

Time management tools

I’m sure you use many time management tools to manage your time and tasks. I’m equally sure that your always on the lookout for tools hat will do things better. When looking for new time management tools we usually forget about the one that is most important. YOU, yes believe it or not you’re the […]

How to Tell if You’re a Perfectionist and Overcome it

There is a big difference between excellence and perfectionism

How to Tell if You're a Perfectionist

The dictionary defines a perfectionist as ‘a person who refuses to accept any standard short of perfection’, are you a perfectionist? Many people think that perfectionism is a good thing and whilst being a perfectionist can have a few perks, (many people admire perfectionists). There are also a lot of disadvantages associated with it. It’s […]

Stop Multi-Tasking to Get More Done

#5 Mondays Top Time Tip

Stop multi-tasking to get more done

You may pride yourself on your ability to multi-task – but multi-tasking is really a way of saying that you’re not able to focus on one thing at a time.  In your work this tendency can keep you from being as productive as you’d like to or need to be. Multi-tasking takes away your focus […]

Become better organized and simplify your life

Self reflection Friday #4

Become better organized

If you’re struggling to be productive, you may need to become better organized. For many people a lack of organization is at the root of the problem.  For some people organization comes naturally, but for most people it requires some energy to learn organization skills. Being organized makes my life a lot easier. I start by […]

Learn to say “no” to actions and conversations that waste your time.

#4 Mondays Top Time Tip

Learn to say “No!”

Finding yourself overwhelmed at work or thinking there aren’t enough hours in the day to complete a task or project might mean that you’re having problems setting boundaries – and saying, “no!” Many people find it hard to say “no” because they want to be seen as helpful and agreeable. On the other hand, many […]

6 Successful Time Management Strategies for Students

Students ensure a successful study/work/life balance

Time Management strategies

As a student, you have to deal with various demands on your time. Whether you’re studying for A-levels, or degrees at Undergraduate or Postgraduate level, you may well find that you have a part-time job to help to fund your studies. As well as this, you will want to factor in time for family and […]

Complete the easy tasks first, gaining momentum and confidence

Self Reflection Friday #3

complete the easy tasks first

Every goal and objective can be divided into a list of tasks. Each day, whether at home or work, includes a variety of missions to accomplish. By starting with a plan to complete the easy tasks first and completing them quickly, I am well on my way to achieving my goals. When I complete the […]

10 Practical Ways to Overcome Overwhelm

Overcome Overwhelm

Do you need to take practical steps to overcome overwhelm? Is your life so busy that it’s causing you to feel overwhelmed and stressed? If you have too many strains on your time, it is easy to start to believe that there are just too many demands leading to you feeling overwhelmed and stressed. It’s […]