How to Stop Over Planning and Cure Your Procrastination

How to Stop Over Planning and Cure Your Procrastination

When it comes to remedies to cure procrastination, many experts say that planning is the answer and whilst I would agree that in some instances it can be. It can also be an obstacle. It’s okay to spend time planning but, if you have trouble moving beyond the planning stage and getting bogged down in […]

Does Your Business Get in The Way of a Family Life?

Does Your Business Get in The Way of a Family Life

Do you spend so much time making your business a success that it has started to impact on your relationship with your family? If so perhaps it’s time to readdress the balance. It’s understandable that you have allowed your business to take precedence over everything else, after all, it pays the mortgage and you probably […]

4 Types of Task and How to Get Them All Achieved

Which Type of tasks take up your time?

4 Types of Task and How to Get Them All Achieved

Regardless of the number of tasks that you must complete during a given day. They will all be one of 4 types of task. They will either be Quick Wins, Big Projects, Filler Tasks or Hard Slogs. When working with my coaching clients. Many of them have the same goals. They tell me that they […]

How to Turn Big Goals into Achievable Tasks

How to Turn Big Goals into Achievable Tasks

If you want to make progress you must learn how to turn big goals into achievable tasks. Have you ever looked at your to-do list and thought, “I don’t even know where to begin”? We all have. But here’s something you may not know: We get overwhelmed not because there are too many things on […]

Top 10 Time Management Articles 2016

Most read blogs according to Google

Top Time management articles 3d

Well its fair to say that 2016 was a year that is going to live long in the memory. I remember thinking as the year started that having suffered two heart attacks, following hip replacement surgery, that the worst was behind me. Little did I know that heart attack number 3 and a subsequent stroke […]

6 Critical elements of a time management mindset

6 Critical elements of a time management mindset

Time management has now become very critical in every filed of life now a days. Whether you are a business consultant, a professional service provider or a student, time management plays an important role in your life. From starting your day till it ends it requires time management so that you can complete your daily […]

How to Be a Night Owl and Still Be Productive

Some people work best long after everyone else has gone to bed

How to be a night owl and still be productive

You’ve heard the saying’ the early bird catches the worm? Is it true, perhaps? The early birds are the larks of life. But they’re not the only type of bird we talk about in time management and productivity. You maybe a night owl. These birds do their best work long after everyone else has gone […]

How to Escape from To-Do List Prison

Follow this escape plan and taste freedom quickly


Have you ever sought advice from people regarding time management, you know how it goes your feeling overwhelmed because you have too many things to do, and the response you get is, along the lines of make a to-do list, prioritise that list, start with the most important task first and work your way down? […]

10 Simple Ways to Improve Your Productivity

Improve Your Productivity

Do you feel that you’re always having to improve your productivity? Just about every one of us finds that we on a daily basis we are expected to become more productive. We’re expected to do more both at work and home, and in finding ways to achieve more, we constantly look for more elaborate ways […]

Effective Time Management at The Start of the Academic Year

effective time management

Effective time management is the last thing on students minds as they go into a new academic year. After what has felt like an incredibly long Summer, it will soon be time for students to start/return to their new Academic year.  If this applies to you, hopefully you’ve had a refreshing break and are eager […]