Overcome Procrastination and Create the Life You Want

6 Ways to overcome procrastination once and for all

Far too many people feel that they are unable to overcome procrastination, but doing so, will make a massive difference to your life. Procrastination may be stopping you living the life you want to live. How often do you find yourself putting off tasks and activities that you want or need to complete? Although you might say that you really want to accomplish those things, the reality is that you’ve left them unfinished for this long while you’ve worked on other tasks instead. Procrastination can be tough to overcome, but it can be done.

Follow these suggestions and overcome procrastination once and for all:

  1. Keep a running list of important tasks.
  • If you have a concrete list of tasks in front of you, you’re more likely to complete them.
  • Set reasonable goals like, “I will complete one task a week from my list.” Then, follow through with your goal and check off the tasks as you complete them.
  • A written list serves as a reminder of the things you want to accomplish.
  1. First, complete the tasks that will have the most impact.
  • For example, if you’ve wanted to paint your living room forever, do it first. Altering your living space may ignite your passion to finish other projects.
  • Show yourself that you can do whatever you want to create the life you want.
  1. Share your list with your partner or friend
  • When you talk about what you want to do, those close to you might provide you with just the push you require to complete them. Explain how important it is for you to accomplish the things on your list.
  • Talking about your desires with a loved one makes them seem possible.
  1. Ask for help
  • Perhaps your partner or a friend would be willing to step up and help you achieve something you’ve wanted to get off your list for a long time.
  • Doing something that you aren’t so keen about can go much better when someone you enjoy is there helping you.
  1. Reinforce your efforts.
  • How can you reward yourself for completing items on your list?
  • Think of an activity you like and do it after you have completed some of your tasks.
  • Rewards don’t have to be big or expensive. Make an effort to connect the reward to the job you completed.
  1. Plan for time to complete items on your list
  • Get out your calendar and set aside two or three hours a week to work on the things you need to do.
  • Then you can rejoice in the fact that you’ll have time set aside to work on the things that are important to you.

Remind yourself of the life you desire to live and what needs to be done to achieve those dreams. If you put these strategies into action today, you will overcome procrastination and make it a part of your past.

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6 thoughts on “Overcome Procrastination and Create the Life You Want

  1. Great list, Mike! Funny, I’m blogging about this, too, from an older series I did a couple years ago. I think still need to work on #3, 4, and 6 from this list. Thanks for sharing!