Stop Procrastinating Today by Changing Your Thinking

How to Stop Procrastinating Today by Changing Your Thinking

Have you ever wished you could stop procrastinating? Everyone procrastinates at some time or another. If we’re honest, we will admit that we’ve missed opportunities, delayed outcomes, and caused other negative consequences because of procrastinating. If you’ve ever intentionally deferred acting on a goal or put off doing what needed to be done to realize […]

Improve your ability to focus

and Improve your productivity

Improve your ability to focus

Whether you’re a student at College or University, self-employed or an employee, the ability to focus can have a beneficial effect on your productivity.  Life in the 21st century is a very distracting place, where our brains are constantly seeking out what’s new or what’s next. Which means that our ability to concentrate on one […]

How to be productive After your Summer Holidays

How to Be Productive After Your Summer Holidays

The nights are drawing in, the schools will soon be starting back for the Autumn term and most of us will have had our Summer holidays.  Whilst we may not work within Education, the chances are that our work will have been affected by the School holidays. We might have reduced our hours to cover […]

How to Spend Quality Time with Your Family

During the School Holidays

How to Spend Quality Time with Your Family

In the United Kingdom, we are now fully into the School Summer holidays. If you’re a parent, you will probably be finding that you’re juggling your work, family and hobbies.  The Summer break provides an excellent opportunity to spend quality time with the family. However, if you’re a small business owner, you will also need […]

How to Stop Wasting Time

and get more done in the same amount of time!!

Stop Wasting Time

How much do you get done in a day? How much COULD you get done? Have you ever stopped to think about it? If you’re interested in how to stop wasting time, then more than likely you’re a serial procrastinator who’s often distracted. But other people who are more focused still manage to become scattered […]

3 ways to help prevent Burnout

….learnt whilst walking 500 miles to overcome Burnout.


A few years ago I found myself walking the Camino de Santiago to “regain my sanity”.  If that sounds counter-intuitive, all will be explained. Walking 500 miles from France over the Pyrenees and across Northern Spain to deal with burnout may seem extreme to some, but to me at the time it was the perfect […]