Time Management checklist

Time Management – How Do You Score? 1.     Do you start your day early What does your morning routine consist of? Do you eat a healthy breakfast and get straight to work? Or do you waste time on unimportant tasks? 2.      Do you prioritise your tasks Do you organise your to-do list? When you begin, do you […]

Hosting Effective Meetings – 5 Time Saving Tips

We have all sat through in-effective meetings, you know the ones, they go on and on, chipping away at our spirit as well as our time. Calling a meeting often seems like an instinctual reaction; you have some information you want to impart and what better way to share it? But if the only thing […]

Your Ups and Downs – Making the Most of Your Energy Cycles

When you’re working on improving your time management and increasing your productivity, you’re usually looking for some tip, strategy or tool from outside to help you. Actually, what you may need is to focus on something that comes from inside. There are many studies that highlight the link between your personal energy cycle and time […]

Time Management Killed by Curiosity

It is often quoted that time is one of the most important resources that we have in our lives, it is also different to all other resources in as much as we can’t increase the amount of time we have in our day. It’s equal for everyone. Billionaire, millionaire or pauper, everyone only gets 24 […]

How to Make Meetings Successful

Not another meeting Meetings are a common cause of frustration in many organisations. Effective meetings are few and far between and time spent in meetings is often seen as time which could be spent doing rather than talking about doing. Your role in meetings will vary, depending on whether you have organised the meeting and […]