7 Time Management Strategies – It doesn’t have to be difficult

Time Management can seem like a very difficult maths equation that no matter how much we practice, we never seem to get the hang of it, and if we do something happens that takes us back to square one. Sometimes all that is needed is a few good time management strategies that can be implemented […]

Time Management and Attitude

Time Management & Attitude

Until you accept that fact few if any of your time problems will be overcome, in order to overcome our time management issues we have to both understand what time management is and our attitude in relation to it.  “Look in the mirror and you will see your biggest time waster” ( John Adair) What […]

Delegation is the key to your success

Delegation is the key to your success and well-being. In order to be successful at what you do, you have to accept help from others. Collaboration and teamwork are the springboards from where new ideas bounce off. Therefore, the quality of your work improves when you receive input from others. In order to accept help […]

6 Tips to Make Your Conference Call Successful

In this age of flexible working, more and more people are working from home, or work in global organisations that mean we have to communicate with contacts who could be located anywhere in the world. With the cost of travel, concerns over the effect of travel on the environment, it is not surprising that the […]