3 Magic Questions to end the day

Do you ever find yourself saying that you can’t believe how fast time goes by; every year seems to go by faster that the previous year? For many people, everyday, consists of the same routine, they wake up, go to work, return home, eat a late tea and go to bed, without really reflecting on […]

You Time, Family Time, Then everything else

As ‘The Time Doctor’ I wish to prescribe some medicine to you that will help you to feel less stressed, less overworked and less overwhelmed. Put yourself first I realise that for some readers they will consider this wrong and selfish, but by putting yourself first, doing less and looking after yourself you will generate […]

7 Time Saving Tips to Help You Get Organised, Save Time, Be Happy

Time Saving Tips

Why can’t I get organised? Have you ever looked around you and thought I really must get this sorted out, when we are time pressured staying organised becomes very difficult and it is something that we have to work very hard at. In fact some people find it so difficult that they feel as if […]