Energy Cycles and Prime Time

Energy Cycles

Energy Cycles are the last thing on peoples minds when they make the decision to improve the way they manage their time. They inevitable look to the internet or other external sources in an attempt to find some tips and techniques to help them. I think that if we wish to improve our time management, […]

Multi-Tasking: – The Pros and Cons

Multi-Tasking: - The Pros and cons

Multi-Tasking has become a common term in todays busy organisations. Faced with converging deadlines, employees are often required to work on several tasks simultaneously. However, some question whether or not it is truly beneficial and if there are more effective ways of working. This article examines the pros and cons of multi-tasking. What is multi-tasking? […]

Planning and Delegating – The Keys to Time Management

Planning and Delegating the Keys to Time management

We hear and read the statement all the time, “time is more important than wealth” Most top leaders and speakers have something to say about the subject of time management in their biographies and self-help books. They all deliver the key message that time is the most important resource available to us and that when […]

Spend Time on Your Biggest Priorities


What do you consider to be your biggest priorities, have you ever sat down to consider where you should be really spending your time, perhaps you have never found the time to do it!! The things that you may consider to be a priority might not be to another person. Conversely, other people’s priorities might […]