Have You Failed at Time Management?

Time Management Fail

Have you purchased a book or program on the newest time management system, tried it a few weeks and it’s just not working for you? Are you afraid something is wrong with you and you’ll never master this time management thing? Stop worrying! Most people are under the impression that time management systems come in […]

Setting Priorities for Managing Your Time

Setting Priorities Stephen Coveys Time MGT Grid

One of the hardest parts of time management is setting priorities. Sometimes it can feel like every last thing you need to do in an emergency. But the truth is, there are ways to organize your time and manage the tasks that you need to do so that you get them finished right when they […]

4 Tricks to Overcome Procrastination at Home

Procrastination at home

Procrastination is the act of deliberately choosing to not complete an important task in order to do something else. Common reasons for procrastination at home include:  Feeling overly tired from working at your job Being tempted by outside distractions unrelated to the task Feeling uncertain how to begin a big, overwhelming task Not realizing the […]

Make Sure Your Habits are Helping Not Hurting You

Make Sure Your Habits are Helping Not Hurting You

A habit is something that you do over and over again, without really giving it any thought. We all have habits in our lives, things that we repeat in all areas of our lives whether that is at home, work or in personal relationships. Some habits can be helpful and productive, but unfortunately some of […]