Curiosity killed the Cat, Time and Efficiency

Frequently indulging your curiosity can have adverse effects on your time

Curoiosity Killed the Cat, Time and Efficiency

We all know that time is a great leveller, billionaire, millionaire, prince of pauper we all get the same amount of time to do with as we please. In this day and age most people realise this and make a conscious effort to reduce the amount of time that they waste during the day. However […]

Precrastination – Less Speed, More Haste

Precrastination can be just as counterproductive as procrastination

Precrastination setup

We all know that procrastination or the tendency of putting things off until later, is a common problem, but new research carried out at Penn State University by David A. Rosenbaum, Lanyun Gong, and Cory Adam Potts, and published in the journal Psychological Science suggests that rushing through a task as quickly as possible or precrastination is just […]

Developing Self-Confidence

Save Time, feel less stressed and Become More Balanced


The topic of confidence has come up numerous times this week in my conversations with clients and students……so what’s it all about? My take on self-confidence is about balance; getting that level of satisfaction in knowing you are excellent at what you do without ego getting in the way. If you look around there are […]

Being busy isn’t the same as being productive

Are you busy all day, yet feel that you don’t accomplish anything?

Are You always Busy

Busyness is practically a disease today. We cram as much as we can into our limited time. Yet being busy isn’t the same as being productive. Have you ever had days where you felt like you didn’t have a minute to spare, and yet you still felt that you didn’t accomplish anything? There are many […]

The Procrastination Parasite

A damaging psychological parasite that feeds off your lack of motivation

Procrastination Parasite

I want to get something off my chest, far too many people don’t understand just how serious procrastination can be, and so let me tell you!! Procrastination is a damaging psychological parasite that feeds off a lack of motivation, and by submitting to the curse of the procrastination parasite you are purposely preventing yourself from […]

4 Top Tips for Setting Goals and Reaching Them

Set Goals and Put Purpose to Your Time Management

Setting Goals

In order to improve your management of time, the very first step is setting goals and objectives. If you want to accomplish something, then follow the steps that successful people use! Most people who are viewed as being successful, are very good at not only setting goals but also achieving them . Without goal setting, […]

Avoid Procrastination – Top Tips from Scientists

It's Not Just You! Research Shows Procrastination is a Common Issue for Many People

Avoid Procrastination

Do you spend a lot of time working on anything other than the most important and urgent things that will ensure that you make progress and meet your deadlines with ease? If so, don’t worry you’re not alone! Scientists have found that procrastination is a common issue for many people, both at work and at […]

Build a Strong Work Ethic and Get Things Done

Work Ethic

We are often told that hard work leads to success, but not everyone has the required work ethic required to put in a full day of hard work. It’s common to daydream, avoid work, and procrastinate. A strong work ethic is both useful and admired. Many of the most successful people in the world are […]