How to Spend More Time Offline Even if You Love Cute Puppy Videos

What could you accomplish by reclaiming all the time you spend online

How to stay offline even if you love cut puppy videos

While the internet makes it quicker to find a recipe or driving directions, it can also cost you time. Checking emails for a few minutes stretches into a half hour of watching You Tube puppy videos or reading Facebook updates. Imagine what you could accomplish by reclaiming all that time. Try these suggestions to help […]

Increase Productivity – Turn off The Social Apps

Social media is a time thief

Increase Productivity – Turn off The Social Apps

Social Apps are very popular these days mainly because people see them not only as a way of keeping in touch but they’re also perceived as fun, cool and trendy. Lets face it who hasn’t got a Facebook and/or Twitter account. The problem is that for all there usefulness, they are starting to take over […]

Perfectionists Can Get Things Done

Sometimes you need to choose progress over perfectionism

Perfectionists can get things done

When someone is a perfectionist, everything has to be just so, all the I’s dotted and the T’s crossed, and whilst this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it is a personality trait that can have its downsides. Many perfectionists become leaders in their field of expertise, but often they consider minor mistakes to be a […]

5 Top Time Management Tips For Entrepreneurs

Simple steps that will significantly improve your productivity

Top Management Tips for Entrepreneurs

On the face of it, I’m sure you could easily spot that there is very little that Richard Branson and I have in common, he is short (5’11) I’m tall (6’4), Richard has a beard, I don’t, he owns and runs the Virgin Group comprising of 400 companies, I run, well me. The one thing […]

Protect Your Health, Spend Less Time On Your Mobile Devices

Is Your Mobile Device Usage a Danger to Your Health?

7 Heath Related Reasons To Spend Less Time On Your Mobile Devices

Mobile devices whether phone or tablet have become core devices in ensuring that we have the ability to comminicate at our finger tips, be that calling friends, updating our facebook status, putting pictures of our very nice lunch on pinterest or putting the world to right in 140 characters on twitter. Mobile devices – How […]