Be On Time: 10 Tips for Being Punctual

being on time reduces stress, builds trust, and shows respect for others

Be on Time

I was at a conference recently that was due to start at 9am every day, and every day I was there on time and every day the conference started late, when I asked the organiser why we were always late starting he said that he had to wait for people to turn up before he […]

How a Green Gorilla Discovered Remote working

How to Manage Yourself and Your Team Remotely

Remote Working - GGA

Most business owners I have met start off in home based offices, usually spare rooms and cubbyholes, and dream of getting their first office. The natural transition is that after a good period of growth these businesses acquire offices and recruit members of their team and become recognised as professional, established businesses. My experience has […]

Always Feeling Tired? – 6 Common Causes

Is Tiredness Stopping You Getting Things Done?

Always feeling tired Picture

Always feeling tired is a major problem for many people in todays 24/7 world. We can have all the time management strategies in the world but if we allow ourselves to become tired and worn out we will feel unable to complete even the simplest of tasks. Although a big problem, always feeling tired can […]

7 Reasons You Should be Saying No More Often

Saying no can provide you with more freedom

7 Reasons You Should be Saying No More Often

In todays busy do it now environment, many people feel that they’ve lost control of their lives? Have you lost control? Are you spending too much time on activities and responsibilities you don’t enjoy? There’s a good chance that saying no more often would bring some relief and gain you some freedom. Most of us […]

To Do List – Design One That Works Effectively For You

To Do Lists - Love them or Loathe them?

To Do List – Design One That Works Effectively For You

Many of you reading this will use a To Do List as a tool that helps you to you track your activities and manage your time. Then again, there will be many readers who loath To Do Lists as they always seem to grow out of control because they’re too long or there are too […]