How To Develop Your 2018 To-Do list

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I’m sure your familiar with task lists and to-do lists. You might write a weekly to-do list and diligently cross off your tasks as you complete them. This may give you a great sense of accomplishment. As quality is often considered more important than quantity, many people have “a top three” tasks on their action today list. These tasks are considered to be more important than all the rest.  This can help to provide a structure to their day.

How To Develop Your 2018 To-Do list

How To Develop Your 2018 To-Do list

With this principle in mind, a to-do list can also provide a structure to your year. Now is an ideal time to think about your long-term to-do list and look and what your top three goals for 2018 are.

Write a to-do list and set your 2018 goals

As we approach the end of the year, we are provided with a great opportunity to set out our aims and ambitions for 2018, and think about how we might achieve them.  In the same way that we organise our time within each working day and week, how we organise our year is equally as important.  Forward planning allows us to put steps in place to achieve our top three goals.  Also, by thinking ahead we can also prepare for certain events in advance. Thus ensuring we allocate sufficient time and resources to cope with the expected.  So, in effect, we have a to-do list for events that we know will be coming up and a top three goals list.

For instance, dependant on your Business sector, your business might be influenced by the weather, school holidays or sporting events.  By looking at the year and assessing when you are likely to be busiest you can organise extra resources to cope. Can you plan your holidays around likely peaks and troughs. Once you have allocated time and thought to the regular events within your year, you can turn your attention to your top three goals.

Make your 2018 goals to-do list specific

In the same way as your daily/weekly to-do list should be specific, your 2018 goals to-do list should be too.  Think about what you want to achieve by the end of the year.  If one goal is to increase your client/customer base, be specific about what sort of clients and customers you want to attract. How and where will you find them. Put a measurable plan together. For example, you might plan to increase your client base by 10 by the end of June so you need to realistically think about how you will achieve this.

Take a holistic view

Your goals do not just have to be work related.  You might have health and lifestyle goals that you want to achieve, which can be specific and measurable.  Do you want to run a marathon by the end of the year? Lose x amount of weight? each goal will require a plan.

Whatever you hope to achieve in 2018, striving to cross off your 2017 tasks and thinking ahead to your 2018 goals now, will allow you to successfully plan to make them a reality.

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