21 Morning Habits To Make Time For Before Breakfast

Encourage Happiness, Health and Productivity into your day

21 Morning Habits To Make Time For Before Breakfast

Whether you realise it or not, your morning habits will dictate how your day turns out. So how does your morning start? The way you start your day will have a tremendous impact on your day as a whole. Starting negatively by hitting the snooze button that many times, that you miss breakfast and barely make it to work on time will impact your day, however, starting the day off in a positive way will also impact your day by improving the way you approach it. Your actions in the first few hours of the day set the tone for all those hours ahead of you.

Welcome more happiness, health, and productivity into your day with these simple habits and get every morning off to a great start.

Morning Habits to Promote Happiness

  1. Pause for meditation. Take a moment to meditate even before your feet hit the floor. Chant an inspiring phrase or focus on a meaningful image.
  2. Breathe deeply. Abdominal breathing encourages relaxation and peace. Inhale through your nose, and exhale fully.
  3. Bask in sunlight. Exposure to light stimulates our brains. Open a window or head outside.
  4. List your blessings. Express thanks for the best things in your life. Include your loved ones, talents, and experiences.
  5. Give yourself something to look forward to. Lift your spirits by thinking about something you’re going to enjoy later.
  6. Listen to upbeat music. Put together a cheerful soundtrack. It could be classical, country, hip hop, or any other kind of music you like.
  7. Studies show that people tend to smile less as they age. Reverse the trend by beaming at yourself in the mirror.
  8. Give to others. Serving others is the most reliable path to happiness. Pray for someone in need or plan a good deed you can do today.

Morning Habits to Promote Good Health

  1. Move around. Fight stiffness with a few minutes of aerobics and gentle stretching. Try sun salutations or walking in place.
  2. Drink water. Rehydrate before your morning cup of coffee. Keep some drinking water on your nightstand.
  3. Perform a self-examination. Showering is an ideal opportunity for self-examination, looking for signs of for skin and breast cancer. This may save your life.
  4. Design a spa experience. Pamper yourself with luxury bath products. Splash on an invigorating grapefruit scented bath gel, or treat the dry skin on your heels and elbows with a special lotion.
  5. Massage your scalp. Rub your scalp while you shampoo. Massages defuse stress and increase blood flow.
  6. Spread your toes. Your feet are probably going to spend most of the day trapped inside shoes. While you’re still barefoot, wiggle your toes. It will increase your balance and help your posture.

Morning Habits to Promote Productivity

  1. Strategize like a boss. Plan your itinerary. You’ll tackle your tasks more efficiently and free up more time to devote to your priorities.
  2. Check the news. Stay in touch with what’s going on in the world. Watch the news, listen to the radio, or buy a newspaper. Then, you’ll have something more than just the weather to talk about at the office.
  3. Read something enriching. Pick up a book of inspirational quotes or brush up on world history. Learn something new every day.
  4. Complete one task. Score an easy victory that will create momentum. Clean the outside of your refrigerator door or pay your credit card bill.
  5. Review your calendar. Similarly, scan your appointments. Once you see how much free time you have, you can decide how to use it. You’ll be able to focus on projects that you can realistically manage.
  6. Check messages. Look over emails, calls, and texts. You’ll feel reassured knowing what you have to deal with. Take care of any urgent business.
  7. Skip the snooze button. Streamline your morning by waking up only one time. You’ll feel more alert and less rushed. If you often have trouble getting up, go to bed an hour earlier.

By implementing the above habits and putting the minutes before breakfast to good use, you will quickly develop habits that will brighten your days and help you to become more successful, happy, healthy and productive.

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16 thoughts on “21 Morning Habits To Make Time For Before Breakfast

  1. Wow Mike! You get a lot done before breakfast.

    For me I can truly say that meditating and taking a few minutes for breathing exercises really helps. It clears the mind yet helps me focus so I don’t go about the day like a headless chicken.
    Rosie recently posted…Why is Soda So Addictive?My Profile

  2. Found your blog through Tiffany, nice to met you! Some great suggestions to fit into my morning routine, especially like the idea of massaging your scalp sounds relaxing. I always have a large glass of water when I wake up, gets me ready for the day!

    • Thanks for dropping by Ashley, The scalp massage definitely gets the morning of to a good start, glad you like the post, feel free to subscribe so that you don’t miss future posts

  3. Mike, there are some very interesting tasks listed here. I am a morning person, so skipping the snooze button is not a problem for me. I do usually find a quote that I think will be appropriate for the day. I like to do this. I think I will try to add completing one thing to my morning routine as well.

  4. Even this perennial night owl … who has done many years masquerading as a morning person when needed (… hello, milk cows) … finds lots of value in your list. Now that I’m more in charge of my daily schedule…and can adjust per my natural body rhythms, I see where I have tweaked some items on that list to work best for me.

  5. Wonderful tips and so true. I find when I take time to get ready before work I have a more productive day. That can include drinking water, walking – as soon as it’s gets warm enough here in the mornings – and just planning out what I have to do that day. Then I can get down to useful tasks and get projects finished. Right now have way too many things on the go that all need to be completed.
    Sue Fleckenstein recently posted…An Informational Product BusinessMy Profile

    • Hi Helen, it certainly makes the mornings a bit brighter, not sure if you run at all if not the couuch to 5K programme is a good starter and only takes abouit 20 mins three times a week to get started

  6. Some fantastic suggestions Mike that I need to adopt. I know I want to be better in the mornings, but I quite often struggle to sleep right through the night, which impacts my morning. Perhaps you could write a post that would help with a night time routine to help the mornings ;o)