3 Magic Questions to end the day

Do you ever find yourself saying that you can’t believe how fast time goes by; every year seems to go by faster that the previous year? For many people, everyday, consists of the same routine, they wake up, go to work, return home, eat a late tea and go to bed, without really reflecting on what they have achieved with their time. Is it any wonder that you ask where does the time go?

By getting into this routine, our mind decides that because these things keep on being repeated, they are not worth remembering and so goes through a process known as deletion. The mind simply deletes anything that keeps repeating, because over time it decides that these repeated routines are not worth taking notice of.

So can we slow things down and better experience the time we have rather than letting it go by at the speed of light?

The answer is yes, but it takes a little work as it involves developing a heightened state of awareness of your thoughts, feelings, and actions, known as mindfulness. If you can do this great, however if you can’t then a good place to start is by asking yourself the 3 Magic Questions just before you fall asleep:

  1. What one thing has happened today that I am truly grateful for?
  2. What one thing am I looking forward to tomorrow?
  3. What one thing would I like to dream about tonight?

These 3 questions are both simple and magical.

What one thing has happened today that I am truly grateful for?

This question makes you review your day and find something you’re truly grateful for. Whilst answering this question you are also forced to recall your entire day. In Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) this is referred to as a recapping experience. It is simply putting the day’s experiences into a box and labelling it with that days date, it helps to turn your mind in to an organised filing cabinet where things are easier to remember.

What one thing am I looking forward to tomorrow?

The second question makes you look forward in time and see in your mind’s eye, what’s going to happen tomorrow. Having something to look forward to will create feelings of motivation and drive. Because of this the thing that you are looking forward to, will be the first thing that comes to mind when you wake up.

What one thing would I like to dream about tonight?

The last question helps us to clarify our direction and purpose and reveals our innermost desires as we naturally dream about what we want and wish for.

Ask these 3 Magic Questions nightly, and as well as slowing the rate at which life goes by, you will also remember more about your life, and have greater clarity as to what really counts.

Should you wish to take this idea forward and develop greater mindfulness, I would recommend reading ‘Mindfulness In Plain English’, by Bhante Henepola Gunaratana. In plain language, he shows you how to develop Mindfulness, by practising Vipassana Meditation. It is an old book having recently had a 20th anniversary edition printed, but it is still extremely insightful.

Till Next Time

Mike Gardner – The Time Doctor

Mike Gardner aka ‘The Time Doctor’ and is highly regarded as one of the UK’s leading Time Management and productivity specialists. As well as being regularly featured in both online and off-line media outlets around the world, he is the author of the best selling time management book, Business Owners: Your Family Misses You. He regularly speaks on topics that are congruent with his mission of helping small business owners, entrepreneurs and independent professionals to be incredibly productive, whilst still balancing their business and family commitments in a way that enables them to feel fulfilled and guilt-free. He is an avid Aston Villa fan, a Dad to Neil & Emma, a hubby to Wendy and in his role as an Officer with the reserve forces, he has completed operational tours of Iraq and Afghanistan.

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