4 Top Tips for Setting Goals and Reaching Them

Set Goals and Put Purpose to Your Time Management

Setting GoalsIn order to improve your management of time, the very first step is setting goals and objectives. If you want to accomplish something, then follow the steps that successful people use! Most people who are viewed as being successful, are very good at not only setting goals but also achieving them . Without goal setting, most people tend to drift from moment to moment, and may never reach their ultimate dreams and desires. While it seems perfectly obvious, it can be easy to overlook that making a plan for where you want to be is the best way to get there.

Setting a goal can be as simple as having a plan for a relaxing evening at the end of the day. If your idea of a nice, calm evening at home requires that your home be clean and tidy and dinner is on the table at a reasonable hour, then you can make that your goal and go about figuring out the steps to get there.

Decide What You Want To Achieve

The first step in setting goals, is of course, to decide what you want to accomplish. It is important when setting your goal to be very specific. For example, if your goal is to have more time to spend with the family, then specify the exact amount of time; is it an hour a day, is it three hours a week, or perhaps it is not less than 3 hours a week. It’s not enough to say you want more time. Also, it is important to make sure that the goal you are setting for yourself is realistic. If you set a goal spend 15 hours a week working on your business rather than in it, you are setting yourself up for failure! Make sure that any goal that you are setting for yourself is achievable.

Set a Timeline

After you’ve gotten together the end results you’d like to achieve, it’s time to set a timeline. Make your timeline realistic, but also one that will challenge you to continually strive towards your final endpoint. Of course keep in mind that deadlines can change, as situations in life sometimes dictate. But putting together a timeline will help keep you moving forward towards your goal at a reasonable pace.

Keep a Goal Journal

Have a dedicated journal to track your goals is a fantastic way to not only stay on track. It is also a way to help remind you what you’ve accomplished. It’s easy to forget that you’ve achieved certain goals, so keeping it in once place is a good idea. You can also use your journal to track the progress of your current goal. Write everything down, including your timeline and deadlines. Check off progress as you make it, and this will be a valuable feedback loop for you. As you see yourself inching closer to your goals, you will stay motivated and on track.

Reward Yourself

Just as you would show your admiration or appreciation to someone else for a job well done, you need to give yourself the same treatment! One way to do this is to decide ahead of time what you will do for yourself once your goal is complete. It could be something as simple as giving yourself the day off to spend with friends, or it could be a shopping spree, a day on the golf course, or anything else you would find rewarding. Make sure not to forget this step, as it’s an important part of the process. If you know you will be rewarded at the end of accomplishing your goal, you will be more likely to want to try for another!

What goals are you working towards at the moment?

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4 thoughts on “4 Top Tips for Setting Goals and Reaching Them

  1. I like the idea of keeping a goal journal. At a glance, you’d be able to see what you’ve achieved. I received an old packet of letters I’d written my mother over 50 years ago, and I learned so much from them. Unless you write things down, they can be lost to memory.

  2. I definitely have goals and these are great steps to take in helping achieve them. A plan is always important.