6 Ways to clear your mind and get more organized

Clear your mind of clutter

6 Ways to clear your mind of clutter to get more organizedOne popular definition of mindset is “a disposition, attitude or mood.” That being said, it makes sense that clearing your mind of clutter goes a long way in helping you get more organized. Let’s face it – when you’re not clear-headed, it’s very difficult to practice organizational skills. Keep reading to find out more about organizing your mindset. There is no reason to put it off for another day.

Write Down Your Feelings

One of the best ways to clear your mind of clutter is to take the time to write down your feelings. You can either do this in a journal that you keep, or a piece of paper that you throw away once you’re finished. Recent studies indicate that jotting down negative thoughts really does help to clear your mind and make you feel better.


More and more stressed-out individuals are using meditation to clear the clutter in their heads. When life is hectic, do you ever feel as though you’re having a non-stop conversation (with yourself) in your head? If so, it’s nothing to panic about. Many people experience the same thing. Meditation allows you to focus on a single thing, which in turn helps to corral your thoughts when they start to wonder.

Go for a Run

Not only does running help to eliminate a cluttered mind, it also benefits your body in several other ways. Listening to music when you run is even more beneficial. Why? A Ohio State University study recently discovered that when someone exercises with music, it activates the area in the brain that deals with a higher level of mental function. Participants who had the advantage of listening to music did better on fluency tests than those who did not.

Take a Nap

Taking a nap, even a short one, goes a long way in clearing up mental fatigue and clutter in the mind. Believe it or not, taking a ten-minute nap helps to increase both productivity and alertness. Getting a good night’s sleep is all the better. So, the next time you’re feeling mentally overwhelmed, chances are that taking a short nap will help you to be more organized for the rest of the day.

Spend Time with a Pet

For most people, pets aren’t just animals – they’re beloved members of the family. Spending time with your favorite pet elevates your mood and makes it easier to get through the day. In the event that you don’t have a pet, take a few minutes to watch one of the thousands of cute pet videos on the internet. You’ll get a dose of cuteness without any strings attached.

Do you have a better idea in regard to some of the ways to organize your mindset? Great! Taking advantage of some of these tips should help you get more organized overall. You’ll soon see that this is beneficial to both your work and personal lives. Even if you’re currently the most disorganized person you know, it’s not impossible to change… with a little help from your mindset. Why not get started today?

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16 thoughts on “6 Ways to clear your mind and get more organized

  1. Hi Mike, Excellent post.

    I’m always looking for time management improvements and Like hacks.

    I think I have just found my new centre of information 🙂


    James Hughes

  2. Hi Mike,

    I don’t run – but I’ve just started volunteering at a dog-rehoming centre so I can walk and cuddle dogs while they wait for their “forever home”. It’s the best day of the week. I can’t believe they let me do it for free – they could charge me. Those few hours of peace and quiet really help re-charge me.


  3. Wonderful post and agree that writing down your feelings can really help. As does spending time with your pet, they seem to be able to read your feelings better than anyone else!

  4. A cluttered mind does lead to a lot of procrastination and time wasting.
    I’ve found exercise to be a good way to clear up my head, but watching 1 cute pet video can lead to watching 50 cute pet videos, so I’ll skip that one. Thanks for sharing these great tips Mike 🙂

  5. Thank you for this. I’ve never tried writing down ‘stuff’ and am not into journaling but may have to give it a shot! I don’t run but I do like a long walk in the fresh air to clear my head and get some air. Music is nice and sometimes listening to the birds is enough 🙂 Nice post and your blog is very striking!

  6. I’m pleased to read that I’ve adopted a few of these, and feel much better for it. The biggest one for me was when I wrote things down. It literally cleared my head so I had space for new positive thoughts and could move on.

    It’s interesting that exercising to music is more beneficial too. I run without music & love the feeling of freedom and being in the fresh air that gives me. May have to try it & see if I notice any difference (just need to find some suitable earphones for running in!) Thanks

    • Thanks for dropping by TJ nice to meet you. Getting my clients to do a brain dump and empty their minds is usually one of the first steps i take with them, as you say it allows them to de-clutter and make space for more positive thinking