Time Management Strategies to Help You Slow Down and Smell the Coffee

Before you start to read this article make a list of everything you want to accomplish this week.

All done, good!

Would I be right in thinking that it is a little longer than you thought it would be. In our busy lives we all have lots to do and because we want to achieve everything we are more inclined to rush things.

And because we are always in a hurry, we tend to forget that we can have a calmer, and altogether more satisfying existence.

Now is the time to realise that even with your busy life, you are allowed to slow the pace a little.

Slow down and smell the coffee by implementing these seven strategies.

1.  Decide to slow down. The first step is to consciously decide that you are going to slow down, beginning right now. Keep the idea in the forefront of your mind and accept that more isn’t necessarily better.

2.  Be aware of the times when you feel rushed. Is it at the start of the day when you’re getting ready for work and trying to get the children ready for school, or maybe it’s at the other end of the day when you’re trying to prepare the evening meal?

  • Being aware of the times when you feel the most need to rush allows you to brainstorm methods to slow down at those times.

3.  Are you compelled to hurry by certain people or things going on around? Try to get to the bottom of why these people or things make you feel rushed, you will then be able to figure out how you can slow things down. For example, if certain people are always telling you to “hurry up,” talk with them about the situation.

4.  Share your feelings with your partner. You may find it necessary to explain that you’d prefer your partner avoid saying things that force you to

  • Solve issues together and decide how you’ll change your situations allowing you both to slow down.

5.  Make changes to your schedule. For example, if you find that morning is the time you feel the most hurried, set the alarm to go off 15 minutes earlier, Take advantage of the power you have by doing something as simple as getting up earlier.

  • If you are constantly rushing the children out of the door, talk with them and explain that they’ll need to start getting up 10 minutes earlier so that mornings aren’t so hectic.

6.  Assess your schedule. Are you consistently rushing because your schedule is too full? Are you guilty of trying to do too much in a day? Review your schedule with a critical eye, what can you remove from today’s schedule? If there are things that can be removed, then remove it and don’t feel guilty.

7.  Remember that if you slow down, you will be more efficient, happier, and calmer. Maybe contrary to popular belief, you can’t do everything and still maintain your sanity.

  • You do not have to do everything, give yourself permission to leave things for another time, so that you have some down time between tasks.
  • If you take the time to slow down, you will be better able to focus on the activities you do choose to do. You’ll find these chosen tasks more rewarding and invigorating when you don’t have to rush to the next activity.

Slowing down and smelling the coffee will bring a new vitality to your existence. You deserve the life you’ve dreamt of. Enjoy it, slow down and smell the coffee.

Till Next Time

The Time Doctor – Mike Gardner

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Mike Gardner - The Time Doctor

Mike Gardner is The Time Doctor helps the overworked and overwhelmed learn to say 'No' nicely, and improve their management of time, emails and meetings. He is also an avid fan of Aston Villa, a Dad of Neil & Emma, a hubby to Wendy and in his role with the reserve forces, he has completed operational tours of Iraq and Afghanistan.

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