8 Secrets to an Amazing Life

Yes!! You can have it

8 Secrets to an Amazing Life That’s Meaningful and ExcitingEveryone wants an amazing life, one that they can say is meaningful and exciting, but of course that phrase meaningful and exciting means different thing to different people. Whatever the phrase means to you, It’s highly unlikely that you will get such an amazing life without spending the time to work on some of the basic principles.

If we don’t there will always be things that get in the way of us achieving the life, we want. Distractions, less important goals, a lack of resources are all things that can get in the way of living the amazing and meaningful life that we wish for ourselves. But the biggest of all challenges that we must overcome is the lack of a clearly defined objective, but like all challenges, with a little effort it can be overcome.

To live an amazing and meaningful life you must spend your time, energy, and focus in an intentional manner

Create an amazing life that’s meaningful and exciting to you:

  1. Remove the unnecessary. Too many responsibilities and distractions are obstacles to an amazing life. Get rid of anything that takes up time or space and doesn’t provide a worthwhile return. If you choose to keep something in your life it should be because it’s important to you and not just because it’s there.
  2. Decide on your priorities. You might not be able to walk on Mars, climb Kilimanjaro, become a movie director, and be Head of Cardiology at John Radcliffe hospitals. However, you can accomplish some pretty amazing things over the course of your lifetime. It’s important to narrow your focus to a few priorities. What’s the most important thing to accomplish or experience? Keep your list short.
  3. Build up necessary reserves. Creating an amazing life requires courage. The more your risk, the more courage you require. But imagine if you had plenty of money, time, energy, and support. You’d need much less courage to chase after that amazing life. Fear will have much less influence over your life. Start building reserves in the key areas of your life.
  4. Identify and remove the distractions from your life. It might be the television, the casual friend you’ve been half-heartedly carrying around for 7 years, or the goals that only interest you moderately. Warren Buffett often advises people to make a list of their top 10 priorities in order of importance. He then says to avoid numbers 4-10 like the plague. Those are the things that get in the way of accomplishing the top 3.
  5. Deal with negative thoughts. Big goals and ideas stir up negative thoughts and emotions. Failing to deal with these can cause big challenges down the road. Be committed to expecting the best, finding solutions, and staying positive. Negativity takes the wind out of your sails and fuels procrastination.
  6. Spend your time wisely. There are multiple ways to accomplish any task. Avoid taking the easy path. The easy way is often the long way. Life is short, so choose the shortest path to your amazing life. This is often the most uncomfortable path, but you can handle it. So take the first step and get started
  7. Get started. The first step is often the hardest. You have everything you need to take a meaningful first step. Avoid waiting for some future event to occur. You can do it today, even if you have kids, a limited income, or limited knowledge. Just get started.
  8. It’s not that difficult. There’s really much less competition in the world than you think. Look at how much time the average person wastes at work and at home. Most people fail to prioritize their time. Most people don’t have goals. Most people have too many distractions. When you choose the direction of your life and eliminate distractions, the road is relatively easy.

Is your life as amazing and meaningful as you want it to be? It can be. Setting priorities and removing distractions are the keys to creating an amazing and meaningful life. Use your time wisely. There’s still time to live the life you’ve always dreamed of, but it’s important to get started today.

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38 thoughts on “8 Secrets to an Amazing Life

  1. I’m learning so much from you, Mike! Great stuff always to share. This is my second time to read this post and still, it teaches me much more. Thanks again!

    By the way, what plugins do you use to allow readers to “tweet quote”? Also, that popup at the left to like your Facebook Page?
    Maria recently posted…List-Building: First Order of the DayMy Profile

    • I speak to my clients all the time about scheduling the top three most important things that you either have to do or at least make a start on

      • Posting my three goals in your FB page is helping me to prioritize; of course, that’s fairly easy during the summer, since I’m not teaching. Huge thanks! I’m definitely going to continue each week. You’ll probably get sick of my comments!!

  2. I think its hardest when you have to choose time, there are only 24 hours a day and sometimes things get pushed and things, So thanks for the reminder and tips

  3. Wow, Mike! How do you manage to write meaty and relevant posts all the time? I bet you have a machine to freeze time while you do these awesome stuff.


  4. I especially like #5. It seems like if I’m able to get myself in check and put my nay-saying thoughts aside, I’m able to move mountains! It feels like it anyway. Thanks for the great suggestions 🙂

  5. Thank you for sharing your secrets to an amazing life, my favourites secrets are deal with negative thoughts and get started.

  6. They are all useful but particularly the get started. So often I hear people putting things off until … (fill in the blank) I often suggest people take a step towards their goal no matter how small, brush up a skill, read a book, save a fiver – just do something.

  7. Removing the unneccesary has been a big one for me. Clearing the clutter out of my life has been almost freeing but it does need almost constant work or it all comes back!

  8. Your approach to time management is so meaningful. Of course we want to be efficient with our time, the why is however often neglected. Good then that some people, like you, help others open their eyes.

  9. Great post Mike, I’m all for creating efficiencies that make achieving our goals that bit easier! I’m particularly a believer in numbers 2 and 7. There’s nothing worse than being all talk and no action – just get on and do it!

  10. It’s sad, but encouraging as far as competition, that fewer people are being intentional about their lives. Thank you for these great pointers, Mike!

    • I agree Kate, the world would be a far better place for many people if they were only truly intentional about what they did. Thanks for dropping by.