8 Simple Tips to Supercharge Your Productivity

Increase your productivity and make the best use of your time and energy

8 Simple Tips to Supercharge Your ProductivityResources at work seem to be more limited each year. There are many tips you can use to increase your productivity and make the best use of your limited time and energy. Your boss will appreciate that fact that your work is done quickly and efficiently. You might even get a raise.

Productivity hacks can help you perform at a higher level:

  1. Become a Pomodoro fan. No, it’s not a type of hat. It’s a work-break strategy. You work on one thing for 25 minutes and then take a 5-minute break. It’s easy to focus for 25 minutes, especially with a timer pushing you.
  •  You might find you do better with a 50-minute work period and a 10-minute break. Experiment and see what works for you.
  1. Only handle things once. This is an oldie, but goodie. Once you have your hands on a piece of paper, email, or phone call, deal with it right then and there.
  1. Discover when you’re most productive. You might be at your best in the morning and a zombie in the afternoon. If that’s the case, do your more challenging work earlier in the day. Save the routine work, like answering email, for the afternoon.
  • Experiment with different schedules and see what works for you.
  1. Impose your own deadlines. Your boss probably gives you deadlines. It’s even more effective to set your own. Most of us have a habit of waiting until something has to be done before we get serious. Decide for yourself when you’re going to get things done. Just be sure it’s before your boss wants them done!
  2. Set a limit on frivolous social media and internet time. Social media can quickly turn into a productivity killer. It’s easy to get sucked into the pictures of your high school friend’s vacation to Maui or spend too much time watching cute puppy videos.
  •  Set a timer and stick to your time limit. It’s never wise to surf the web or engage in social media activities at work. Use them at home, but set a limit.
  1. Avoid multi-tasking. Studies have shown that no one is more effective when doing multiple tasks versus doing a single task. You lose too much recalibrating each time you switch. Embrace the concept of Single-Tasking, stick with a single task until it’s complete. You can then move on to the next task.
  • If you don’t believe this tip, just humour me and try it as an experiment. See how much your productivity increases when you focus on single task at a time.
  1. Create a to-do list at the end of the day for the following day. Before you leave work, make a to-do list and leave it out where you can see it the following morning. You can start the day running instead of wandering aimlessly while you try to get a handle on your obligations.
  2. Turn your phone notifications off. How will you get anything done if your phone is flashing and beeping at you every 15 seconds? It can all wait until your next break. If you’re following the Pomodoro schedule, you won’t have to wait long.

Applying just one of these productivity tips to your life right now will result in smoother days at work. Avoid the stress that would result from applying all the tips at once. Apply one at a time and you’ll be known as the most productive employee at your company.

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Mike Gardner is The Time Doctor

Mike Gardner aka ‘The Time Doctor’ and is highly regarded as one of the UK’s leading Time Management and productivity specialists. As well as being regularly featured in both online and off-line media outlets around the world, he is the author of the best selling time management book, Business Owners: Your Family Misses You. He regularly speaks on topics that are congruent with his mission of helping small business owners, entrepreneurs and independent professionals to be incredibly productive, whilst still balancing their business and family commitments in a way that enables them to feel fulfilled and guilt-free. He is an avid Aston Villa fan, a Dad to Neil & Emma, a hubby to Wendy and in his role as an Officer with the reserve forces, he has completed operational tours of Iraq and Afghanistan.

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20 thoughts on “8 Simple Tips to Supercharge Your Productivity

  1. Great suggestions for those who have control over what they will focus on and how they will. The “handle once” is an oldie because it is such goodie. However, there are lower echelon people who don’t have that much control – things are shoved at them from all sides, sometimes, it seems. I’m not quite there now, but I was there once, and I remember it too well. (and I smile to think of a workplace that permits access to social media. Mine does not. Never has.)
    Alana recently posted…Falling Friday – These are Its Colors Bright Red and YellowMy Profile

  2. I agree with your concept about productivity–no matter what you want to achieve.
    When my children were young, I used to tell them, “Don’t put it down, put it away.” That avoids double handling.

  3. Another great post, Mike. I had heard about the system of pomodoro, but I did not know there was a name for it. I discovered the handling things only once several years ago, but I adopted it, and it made a huge difference in my productivity. For me, a “to do list” is a must. I make a list of things I need to do, I prioritize it, and I work from one to the end. If I get stuck , say on item number three, because it involves contacting someone; and I can’t for some reason, I got to number four. When I am finished with number four, I go back to number three, and keep going back until I finish number three. I even designed a “to do list” that works for me.
    Roy Miller recently posted…Captfire- Squeeze Pages builder- Seniors ReviewMy Profile

    • Thanks Roy, i advocate identifying three things everyday that you have to complete or at least make a start on, and approaching it in exactly the way you have described