Time Management and Productivity Resources

Genuinely Free, Opt-in, and Paid for Resources

I love nothing better than being able to help my readers by sharing time management and productivity resources with them. But I also understand that you have been conned by so called ‘free resources’ in the past. How many times have you liked the look of something that is advertised as free, only to discover that before you can access it, you must provide your name, email, home address, mobile number and inside leg measurement. In most cases, you probably click away for fear of being spammed. I get that because I do it as well. I like to do things differently.

For the sake of transparency, on this site, you will find three types of time management and productivity resources. Genuinely Free,  Opt-In and Paid for Resources.

Resource Types

Genuinely Free Time Management and Productivity Resources

These are time management and productivity resources that you get instant access to, without providing any contact details. They are my gift to you and just because they are Genuinely Free Resources, don’t think they are any less valuable than any other content I provide. That’s not how I work. The resources will be only made available to visitors to this site and will be changed regularly.


Opt-In Time Management and Productivity Resources

These are time management and productivity resources that you will only be able to gain access to after providing your name and email address. After confirming that you do indeed wish to receive the required resource by clicking a link in an email sent to you. You will be taken to a page where you will be able to download it. In addition, you will be subscribed to my weekly newsletter which provides time management and productivity related information. I also use this to keep you updated about fresh content. You have my word that my newsletters are full of helpful and useful information. They’re not a sales fest and you can of course unsubscribe at any time.

Paid for Time Management and Productivity Resources

As I’m sure you’ve gathered. These are resources require that you make a monetary investment. They include things like printed and kindle books, 1-1 and group coaching, workshops and keynote speeches. All your purchases come with a no quibble money back guarantee that is simple to understand. You take ZERO risk! If you feel that the resource you’ve purchased is not worth every penny you paid. I will promptly refund your money with no problems and no questions asked.