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Self reflection Friday #4

Become better organizedIf you’re struggling to be productive, you may need to become better organized. For many people a lack of organization is at the root of the problem.  For some people organization comes naturally, but for most people it requires some energy to learn organization skills.

Being organized makes my life a lot easier. I start by getting my thoughts under control. When my mind is at peace, my surroundings become more orderly.

Coordinating my schedule with a written calendar simplifies planning, saves time, and helps me to live up to my commitments. I am clear about the tasks I need to do and how to approach them efficiently. I keep track of the promises I make to myself and others. I live up to my word.

I put systems in place that simplify tasks and keep me from becoming overwhelmed. I break projects down into smaller steps. I follow structured routines that enable me to do more in less time.

I establish priorities. My top obligations come first. This easy rule helps me focus on the things that are most important to me.

I streamline my to-do list and modify my expectations. I cut back on less urgent chores. I am satisfied with being able to see most of the rug in my child’s bedroom. I can accept a few toys scattered around.

I evaluate my attachment to material things. The less I own, the easier it is to keep my home neat.

I welcome support from others and delegate assignments to free up my time and energy.

Today, I acknowledge that an orderly life helps me enjoy stress-free days. I create a calm mental and physical environment that simplifies my life and brings me joy.

I accept that in order to simplify my life i must become better organized.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. What is the most important area of my life where I want to be more organized?
  2. How does being organized help me to be more productive?
  3. What is my chief personal motivation to become better organized?

How would you answer these questions?

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