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Book Your FREE Time Clarity Session

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Hi Mike, I’m back in the office today & getting things done thanks to you. I had a problem most people in business who have family can relate to. I was catching up on a pile of work after I nursed a family member through a serious health scare. Happily, I can report they’ve fully recovered which is the most important thing, however I was feeling stressed at the amount of work that lay in front of me. Mike Gardner’s timing (pardon the pun) couldn’t have been better. He helped me beat the overwhelm to get things done & to recognise my strengths in this area. The result was I have prioritised my work, met most of my deadlines & improved my productivity! One thing I really liked was finding my peak times during the day & tailoring my actions to suit. I found the experience with Mike very beneficial & will most definitely continue to use Mike’s advice into the future. I’m very thankful to Mike Gardner – The Time Doctor for getting me out of a jam.

Jodie Bale – Creative Consultant & Collaborator

I just had a free Skype coaching session with the incredible Mike Gardner, ‘The Time doctor’ who I have had the pleasure of working with in an eBook project last year. Mike really listens to you and provides very helpful tips to become more productive in your work and life. He helped me to realize that I will benefit more if I do certain activities at my peak time of the day. I admit, I was trying to conform to U.S. societal standards and it was not working. I also learned time saving ideas on blogging etc. Thanks Mike, you are a serious time saver expert!

Dawn Westmoreland – Business Owner – United States

  Hi Mike, thank you so much for taking time with me on Saturday. I really appreciate it. I was able to open an extra hour on my schedule every day to work on one particular task. Today I was answering a client eJournal and replying here. Tomorrow I will focus on my workshop workbook tweaks to have it ready for Saturday. I opened up my schedule by eliminating multiple bookings that were there because of recurring appointments that I didn’t want to lose for future so I just deleted them for this one instance. Now my print out is so much more clear and i have managed to secure three days this week for focus sessions. I have listed only three things to work on today and it feels SO doable. Whew. I’ve actually been using my Moleskine Journal to keep everything chronologically because I end up using one side more than the other or having to keep up with multiple books. That’s when I employed tabs that are colour coded. I look back on the tabs often for ideas I’ve captured or reviewing notes from mentor meetings and like our meeting. Finding more things to delegate…feels so much better, and after getting a lot of work accomplished yesterday I went shopping with my oldest son and daughter. I normally would have stayed home but they needed a few things so I gave myself permission to enjoy the time with them. It was energizing. Felt better rather than normally would feel drained and done. Feeling so much more productive and like I can do this finally without overwhelm. Once I put my schedule together for the week I met with my husband coordinating things we were balancing and affirming with him my focus on making things work better for my productivity. I think he’s always been used to me being at his beckon call when he’s done with his job but it doesn’t mean I’ve had my work time and space. Funny how all these little things come into play and can be so hidden until we wake up. I will definitely take time to look at these resources you’ve sent. I was using Asana to manage projects but I run into it taking more time to manage or that it’s hidden from me so then I always revert to paper. Thank you again Mike!! I am feeling so much better this week. The changes may seem like minor adjustments but they’re providing major results.

Donna Vail – Business Owner – United States