Top 10 Time Management Articles 2016

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Top Time management articles 3d

Well its fair to say that 2016 was a year that is going to live long in the memory. I remember thinking as the year started that having suffered two heart attacks, following hip replacement surgery, that the worst was behind me. Little did I know that heart attack number 3 and a subsequent stroke […]

Make Time for Your Family, They Really Miss You

You need to learn how to balance work and family life.

Make Time for Your Family, They Really Miss You

Business owners, Make time for your family, they really miss you. Are you one of the many business owners in the world striving to make your business successful? Of course you are, and you may well think that is a really daft question, but at what expense are you pushing to bet get success? When […]

The Time Doctor Hits 300 Not Out

Helping business owners to balance business and family commitments

The Time Doctor 300 Not Out

The idea of The Time Doctor had been around for many years, however it all came to fruition in a bar in October 2012. After a networking event, i was talking to my great freind Ian Prowse and somehow the conversation turned to what 2013 was going to look like and what we really wanted […]

How to use the Pareto Principle to create the life you desire

A powerful concept that can change your life

The Pareto Principle

If you have been reading this blog for any length of time you will know that I’m a great fan of the Pareto Principle or as it is more commonly known the 80/20 rule. The Pareto Principle is the idea that 80% of your results come from 20% of your actions. You wear 20% of […]

Too much to do? 6 Productivity Apps That Will Help You

Too much to do_ 6 Productivity Apps That Will Help You

Everyone I come across these days is busy. There are so many different tasks, appointments, and things to keep track of day in and day out. It’s no wonder that we need a little help to make sure we stay on task and stay productive throughout the day. In this blog I’d like to share […]

How to be a Productive Business Owner Pt 2: 15 Ways to organize Your Business

How to Be a Productive Business Owner_ 15 ways to organize Your Business

In part 1 of How to be a Productive Business Owner we talked about how we could get things done, In this post we will look specifically at plannig. It can take a lot of planning to be a productive business owner, but it’s an essential task for the success of your business and once […]

How to Be a Productive Business Owner Pt 1: 15 Ways to Get Results

Be effective, productive and prosperous

How to Be a Productive Business Owner_ 15 Ways to Get Results

To be a productive business owner you must approach your business with a specific mindset, one that is relaxed, determined and open. Where possible It’s always best to create processes and procedures so that tasks can be delegated when needed. This allows you as the business owner to stay focused on the task at hand […]

Organize Your Email Inbox and be More Productive

6 Ways to get your email clutter under control

Organize Your Email Inbox

We’ve all been there, you go into your email inbox and it’s over flowing with 100s if not 1000s of emails both read and unread. It can be a daunting task to try and organize your email inbox and get a disorganized, overflowing email mess under control. Spam and junk email quickly adds up to […]

5 warning signs that you’re an email puppet

Take back control of your email and your life.

We’ve all been there: that moment of exasperation when you realise how little control you actually have on your day, and how much of your time is spent dedicated to solving other people’s problems. You can’t help but yearn to be the master of your own time and quit getting bossed around. Email is a […]

How to Spend More Time Offline Even if You Love Cute Puppy Videos

What could you accomplish by reclaiming all the time you spend online

How to stay offline even if you love cut puppy videos

While the internet makes it quicker to find a recipe or driving directions, it can also cost you time. Checking emails for a few minutes stretches into a half hour of watching You Tube puppy videos or reading Facebook updates. Imagine what you could accomplish by reclaiming all that time. Try these suggestions to help […]