3 ways to help prevent Burnout

….learnt whilst walking 500 miles to overcome Burnout.


A few years ago I found myself walking the Camino de Santiago to “regain my sanity”.  If that sounds counter-intuitive, all will be explained. Walking 500 miles from France over the Pyrenees and across Northern Spain to deal with burnout may seem extreme to some, but to me at the time it was the perfect […]

One Simple Hack to 10x Your Productivity

or: how a content strategist took control of her time and got her life back

One Simple Hack to 10x Your Productivity

Would you like to increase your productivity levels? Do you ever feel that your time is not your own? That you’re always dancing to someone else’s tune (they never ever have the same taste in music as you.. why is that?) and you know something has to shift so you can finally get things done? […]

6 Critical elements of a time management mindset

6 Critical elements of a time management mindset

Time management has now become very critical in every filed of life now a days. Whether you are a business consultant, a professional service provider or a student, time management plays an important role in your life. From starting your day till it ends it requires time management so that you can complete your daily […]

11 Reasons You Should Be Using a Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant

Working with a Virtual Assistant (VA) is like having an extra pair of hands in your business that can take the pressure off you and make your business look more professional. When you’re a new start-up or Sole Trader, you might feel that you must do everything yourself to keep costs low and have control […]

3 Ways to overcome decision fatigue and increase productivity

Decision Fatigue

Decisions Dragging You Down? Take a minute and think about some of your daily habits. Do you perform the same routine every morning and every night? Maybe you always eat the same breakfast. Do you ever wonder why some well-known business titans wear the same thing all the time?  If I asked you to describe […]

Time Management: Fit music into your Early Years setting

Making time for music when you've got a full schedule

Time Management How to fit music into your Early Years setting

If you work with children it can be hectic. The pressures put on Early Years settings are immense. Not only do you have to care and nurture children you also have to prove you are developing a huge amount of skills in a short space of time. Maths and literacy are at the forefront of […]

How to Manage Your Time When Reading a Book

Reading a book can gobble up lots of your time, unless you know a few secrets.

Reading is important. Reading is critical to achieving success. But reading a book can gobble up lots of your time, unless you know a few secrets. The way you were taught to read as a child, is not the best way to read as an adult. The public education system is not structured so that […]

Time Management – 5 Top Tips for Students

How students can make the most of the hours they've got

Time Management for Students

There’s a lot for a student to do. You have multiple modules, lots of socialising and you may even have to work and whether you like it or not, time management is essential. I know that groan is coming. You know you need to manage your time, but you just don’t know how. You want […]

Time, managed by nature

How digital nomads manage their time, a case study

One of the things that I love about living and working aboard our little ship, Tamaha, is that we live very close to nature. In fact nature usually governs what we do and when we do it. She has forced us to alter our approach to time management and flexibility has become our normal. Project planning […]

Time Management for Presenters

The simple way to control your timing when you’re presenting.

Time Management for Presenters

As small business owners and entrepreneurs we’re often called upon to give presentations, and they can strike fear into the heart of even the smartest of business owners because of the sheer amount of time they take up. In this post one of the UK’s most well regarded and sought after presentation skills trainers, Dr […]