Deal with Distractions and Be More Productive

Learn to deal with inevitable distractions that impact our productivity

Deal with Distractions and Be More Productive(1)

If we lived in a perfect world we would be so focused on our work that we would allow nothing to distract us. But as you know we live in the real world where everything is not perfect and it doesn’t always work in the way we would like it to! In fact, it rarely […]

7 Common Causes of Procrastination

Understand the reason for your procrastination

7 Common causes of Procrastination

Putting things off is one of the worst things you can do when you’re trying to be productive. But procrastination is one of the most common reasons people don’t accomplish as much at work as they would like to. If you’re suffering from a procrastination habit, there are things you can do to get back […]

7 Unusual Ways to Deal with Procrastination

Ways to deal with procrastination

You’re not alone if you procrastinate. We all do it at some time or other, some of us become masters of procrastination, however, some of us develop ways to deal with procrastination better than others. You don’t have to remain a master at procrastination. You can choose to become a master of productivity! Getting things […]

Afraid to say No? – Make a Noble Objection instead

Say No differently

Its OK to say No

Often in life we say ‘yes’ too much because of a sense of obligation or because we want to please people, but in doing so we lose control of our time. Even when we do say no, a lot of the time we preface it with “I’m sorry, but…” The impact of the but, is […]

7 Reasons You Should be Saying No More Often

Saying no can provide you with more freedom

7 Reasons You Should be Saying No More Often

In todays busy do it now environment, many people feel that they’ve lost control of their lives? Have you lost control? Are you spending too much time on activities and responsibilities you don’t enjoy? There’s a good chance that saying no more often would bring some relief and gain you some freedom. Most of us […]

Procrastination – Everything You need to know

Procrastination is an epidemic in the literal sense of the word

Procrastination Everything You Need To Know

Procrastination is something we often shrug off or joke about down the pub with colleagues. Perhaps we even think of it as a kind of ‘badge of honor’ and are proud of the fact that we struggle to get work done. Being efficient isn’t very popular after all… But procrastination is not something to be […]

Clear the Clutter and Get Organized

Clutter is the ultimate enemy of a tidy workspace

Clear the Clutter and Get Organized

No matter how affectionate you may feel toward your beloved clutter, a clean and tidy workspace generally leads to better productivity. Your workspace is a reflection of your mind, and this is why most people find it easier to focus and get things done when things are tidy. Organizing your workspace can get complicated, but […]

Manage Time Drains to Improve Your Productivity

"time drains" eat away at your time and keep you from getting things done

Manage Time Drains to Improve Your Productivity

In my last blog How to maintain focus I wrote about how to maintain your focus for the best productivity possible, another way you can improve your productivity is by removing things that can be blocking our productivity. In this article we’ll talk about “time drains” – things that eat away at your time and […]

Overcome Procrastination With Mini-Tasks

Try mini-tasking instead of multi-tasking and watch your efficiency soar!

Overcome procrastination with mini-tasks

Do you ever procrastinate? Would you like to put a stop to this time-wasting habit? Overcome procrastination and make make progress today by breaking your to-do list into mini-tasks. Here’s how it works: A mini-task is a task that is so small you couldn’t make it any smaller without being silly about it. Calling a […]

How to Make Better Time Estimates

Poor time estimates lie at the heart of poor time management

Make better time estimates

Do you ever plan for a task to take an hour, but it takes four hours? Or maybe you allotted an hour to finish a job that only took 10 minutes. The ability to make better time estimates can be the difference between good and lousy time management. Over estimate and you will get all […]