Hosting Effective Meetings – 5 Time Saving Tips

We have all sat through in-effective meetings, you know the ones, they go on and on, chipping away at our spirit as well as our time. Calling a meeting often seems like an instinctual reaction; you have some information you want to impart and what better way to share it? But if the only thing […]

How to Make Meetings Successful

Not another meeting Meetings are a common cause of frustration in many organisations. Effective meetings are few and far between and time spent in meetings is often seen as time which could be spent doing rather than talking about doing. Your role in meetings will vary, depending on whether you have organised the meeting and […]

Managing meetings effectively – be assertive!

Managing meetings by being assertive Managing meetings effectively can be hard work, especially as the size of the group expands. Trying to balance keeping time whilst discussing work thoroughly can be daunting – but not impossible! Managing meetings assertively is the key to a smoothly-run, productive meeting. Importantly, it also keeps the focus of the meeting […]

Meetings – Five Things To Do Before Agreeing To Attend

If a friend asked, “Can I borrow your car”, and then added, “Would you fill it up with fuel before I take it?” You would probably think they were trying to take advantage of you. And yet, everyday people freely sign over huge chunks of their lives and time by agreeing to attend pointless meetings. […]