Procrastination – What are you afraid of?

Procrastination What are you afraid of

Procrastination can be defined as choosing to do something else other than the task you are supposed to be doing and it can be a real barrier to productivity. Procrastination is often a product of fear. This could be a fear of failure, making mistakes or even a fear of success. Whatever the root of […]

4 Big Distractions and How to Minimise Them


Modern technology, open plan offices, instant messaging, the list of distractions is endless. They’ve all contributed to our poor concentration levels and ability to be distracted easily.  We seem to find it difficult to focus on one thing for very long and this plays havoc with our productivity. Research by the University of California Irvine […]

How to Overcome Procrastination at Christmas Time

Overcome Procrastination at Christmas Time

At this time of year more than ever, we need strategies to overcome procrastination. Do you have too much to do at this time of year? We all lead busy lives and then suddenly, we’ve got even more to do such as Christmas shopping, wrapping, writing and posting Christmas cards, buying a tree, decorating. The […]

Time Management Tips That Will Help You Survive December

Retain your sanity during the festive period

Time Management Tips

It’s always good to have a bank of time management tips, but even more so at this time of year. December has arrived and with it all the excitement and stress that Christmas provides. For those working in Retail, or other industries directly affected by Christmas, December represents a hectic, steadily progressive Month.  For others, […]

5 Drivers That Keep Us Stuck and Impact Our Productivity

5 Drivers That Keep Us Stuck and Impact Our Productivity

In the world of psychology there are certain things called drivers that get in the way of our progress. Most of us have one or more of them, but we are unaware of them. The 5 Drivers The five drivers are “be perfect”, “hurry up”, “try hard”, “please others”, and “be strong” They are the […]

Why Multi-tasking Doesn’t Work

Multi-tasking doesn’t work because you’re constantly distracting yourself. While you’re working on one thing, you’re also thinking about your other tasks.

Do you multi-task? It feels great when you’re juggling a few different projects or tasks at once, making progress on each of them, doesn’t it? It makes you feel productive when you can run a meeting while editing a proposal and outlining the next project. The sad truth is that Multi-tasking doesn’t work nearly as […]

How to Minimise Open Loops for Maximum Productivity

How to Minimise Open Loops for Maximum Productivity

In yesterday’s post How to Prioritise Your Most Crucial Tasks, I mentioned the term ‘open loops’, which got a few people talking and is epitomised by the following comment from a reader who wrote “unfortunately I think I am the queen of open loops. I dread and stress about things and put them off until […]

Procrastination Why You Do It and How To Overcome It

Procrastination Why You Do It and How To Overcome It Featured

Our time is precious and yet many of us waste a lot of it procrastinating.  Procrastination is not productive, it mainly involves time wasting activities such as absent mindedly scrolling through the internet or putting a task off until it becomes urgent causing stress. So, What’s Behind Procrastination? Perfectionism: If we set high standards for […]

Time Management for the Small Business Owner – Part 2

Take back your time!

Time management for the small Business Owner

In Part 1 of this series, we identified where the time of a small business owner can go. By Implementing the techniques and strategies below the small business owner will be able to manage their time more effectively. Ten Ways for A Small Business Owner to Take Back Time Carry out a Monthly Business Audit […]