3 ways to help prevent Burnout

….learnt whilst walking 500 miles to overcome Burnout.


A few years ago I found myself walking the Camino de Santiago to “regain my sanity”.  If that sounds counter-intuitive, all will be explained. Walking 500 miles from France over the Pyrenees and across Northern Spain to deal with burnout may seem extreme to some, but to me at the time it was the perfect […]

How to get everything completed in a 4-day working week

4-day working week

For many of my readers we are approach Easter. We can look forward to a 4-day working week, and not just one but two!  Whilst most of us will welcome our first Bank Holiday since Christmas and New Year, some of us will no doubt be worrying about how we’re going to get everything accomplished […]

13 Time Management Tips for First Time Parents

First time parents realise very quickly that their life will change now that they have a child. Along with the love and joy comes a lot of new responsibilities and demands. To take care of your growing family, it’s important to take care of yourself and manage your time effectively. It’s easy to wind up […]

5 Drivers That Keep Us Stuck and Impact Our Productivity

5 Drivers That Keep Us Stuck and Impact Our Productivity

In the world of psychology there are certain things called drivers that get in the way of our progress. Most of us have one or more of them, but we are unaware of them. The 5 Drivers The five drivers are “be perfect”, “hurry up”, “try hard”, “please others”, and “be strong” They are the […]

Join the Anti-Social Media Movement and Discover More ‘Me’ Time

Social Media

We’re a nation pushed to the limit when it comes to time and having enough of it, and a recent survey has shown that the average Brit is going to extreme measures to combat their time-poor life. Research conducted last month by webuyanycar.com revealed over half of the population said they are constantly rushing around, […]

How To Take Control of Your Smartphone

How to Take Control of Your Smartphone

Let’s talk about your smartphone. The smartphone is an amazing invention and our lives have changed over the past decade because of it. It has helped us stay in touch and informed while we’re on the go. While this can often be a great thing, it also brings certain dangers or problems. The Big Problem […]

3 Activity Traps That Will Ruin Your Time Management Plans

3 Activity Traps That Will Ruin Your Time Management Plans

Some people struggle with time management.  They never seem to have enough time to get everything done. This could be because they are trying to do too much or because they are caught in activity traps.  Activity traps are ways of working that do not enable us to get the best from ourselves.  Instead of […]

Top 10 Time Management Articles 2016

Most read blogs according to Google

Top Time management articles 3d

Well its fair to say that 2016 was a year that is going to live long in the memory. I remember thinking as the year started that having suffered two heart attacks, following hip replacement surgery, that the worst was behind me. Little did I know that heart attack number 3 and a subsequent stroke […]

Learn to say “no” to actions and conversations that waste your time.

#4 Mondays Top Time Tip

Learn to say “No!”

Finding yourself overwhelmed at work or thinking there aren’t enough hours in the day to complete a task or project might mean that you’re having problems setting boundaries – and saying, “no!” Many people find it hard to say “no” because they want to be seen as helpful and agreeable. On the other hand, many […]