Does Your Business Get in The Way of a Family Life?

Does Your Business Get in The Way of a Family Life

Do you spend so much time making your business a success that it has started to impact on your relationship with your family? If so perhaps it’s time to readdress the balance. It’s understandable that you have allowed your business to take precedence over everything else, after all, it pays the mortgage and you probably […]

Clear Your Clutter and Get Better Health

Be slimmer, trimmer, calmer, happier and healthier.

Clear your clutter

Taking the time to clear your clutter is good for your health according to reaserch. Continuing the theme of National Organisation month, Scientists at the Princeton University Neuroscience Institute in New Jersey uncovered some startling data regarding how a disorganized, clutter-filled environment can affect you mentally. They published their findings in the January, 2011 issue […]

Top 10 Time Management Articles 2016

Most read blogs according to Google

Top Time management articles 3d

Well its fair to say that 2016 was a year that is going to live long in the memory. I remember thinking as the year started that having suffered two heart attacks, following hip replacement surgery, that the worst was behind me. Little did I know that heart attack number 3 and a subsequent stroke […]

Why You Need to Take Time Out for Rest and Relaxation

Are you an Eva in waiting

Why You Need to Take Time Out for Rest and Relaxation

Eva was a business owner but felt in a rut. Boredom and fatigue were her constant companions and she couldn’t seem to shake it off. “Why do I feel so bored and tired all the time?” she wondered. As much as she pondered, Eva couldn’t explain it. She was getting plenty of sleep, and things […]

Stop Multi-Tasking to Get More Done

#5 Mondays Top Time Tip

Stop multi-tasking to get more done

You may pride yourself on your ability to multi-task – but multi-tasking is really a way of saying that you’re not able to focus on one thing at a time.  In your work this tendency can keep you from being as productive as you’d like to or need to be. Multi-tasking takes away your focus […]

6 Successful Time Management Strategies for Students

Students ensure a successful study/work/life balance

Time Management strategies

As a student, you have to deal with various demands on your time. Whether you’re studying for A-levels, or degrees at Undergraduate or Postgraduate level, you may well find that you have a part-time job to help to fund your studies. As well as this, you will want to factor in time for family and […]

How to Create More Space and Enjoyment in your Life

Slow down and smell the coffee

How to Create More Space and Enjoyment in your Life

I know it’s easy for me to tell you to create more space and enjoyment in your life, but most of my clients need to do exactly that. They make themselves massive lists and then feel guilty when they don’t complete them. How often do you manage to complete your to-do list? If you don’t […]

How to Sleep Better for More Time and Energy

Time management is inseparable from energy management

How to Sleep Better for More Time and Energy

Learning how to sleep better should be a key part of your time management strategies. Many people make great efforts to improve their time management and productivity, but what they don’t recognize is that time management is inseparable from energy management. In other words, there’s no point freeing up time for yourself, if you don’t […]

Why a Balanced Focus is Important to Your Success?

A lack of a balanced focus impacts all areas of our lives

Why a Balanced Focus is Important to Your Success

Focus and particularly a balanced focus is so important in all areas of your life. Unfortunately, I all too often come across business owners, entrepreneurs and independent professional who get it wrong. They place their focus on the wrong things at the wrong times, sometimes with catastrophic consequences, including stress, ill health, broken marriages, children […]

6 Ways to clear your mind and get more organized

Clear your mind of clutter

6 Ways to clear your mind of clutter to get more organized

One popular definition of mindset is “a disposition, attitude or mood.” That being said, it makes sense that clearing your mind of clutter goes a long way in helping you get more organized. Let’s face it – when you’re not clear-headed, it’s very difficult to practice organizational skills. Keep reading to find out more about […]