How to Escape from To-Do List Prison

Follow this escape plan and taste freedom quickly


Have you ever sought advice from people regarding time management, you know how it goes your feeling overwhelmed because you have too many things to do, and the response you get is, along the lines of make a to-do list, prioritise that list, start with the most important task first and work your way down? […]

Online time management tools can help boost your productivity.

Online time management tools can help boost your productivity

There are many online time management tools available which can help you better manage your work and/or personal time, more and more they are paid for applications but don’t let this put you off, many of them have free lite versions which give you the chance to try them out and in most instances are […]

Balancing Business and Family – It All Starts With Goals

Goal setting - why the old model no longer works

Balancing Business and Family

Today I continue a series of posts that is designed to help you with the process of balancing business and family in a way that enables you to feel fulfilled and guilt free. To be clear we are still talking about the the process of identifying your goals and objectives so that you’re always taking […]

Too much to do? 6 Productivity Apps That Will Help You

Too much to do_ 6 Productivity Apps That Will Help You

Everyone I come across these days is busy. There are so many different tasks, appointments, and things to keep track of day in and day out. It’s no wonder that we need a little help to make sure we stay on task and stay productive throughout the day. In this blog I’d like to share […]

How to complete 400 tasks a year, 3 tasks at a time

Complete 400 tasks a year

So in yesterday’s post How to Make Sure You Complete Your To-Do Lists I said “Look out for tomorrows blog, when I’ll give you a complete system to ensure that you are able to complete 400 tasks a year in your business. You might question the number, but hopefully you will see that it is […]

How to Make Sure You Complete Your To-Do Lists

A To-Do List is not a Task List

To-do lists

When I run my public courses, one of the questions I ask is who uses to-do lists and without fail most delegates put their hands up, I then follow up by asking who finds them a useful and beneficial tool, the number of raised hands are reduced significantly and when I further ask how many […]

Online Productivity Tools That Aid Productivity

Productivity tools that can help you work more efficiently

Online productivity tools

You’re not totally on your own when it comes to optimizing your productivity. There are many kinds of productivity tools that can help you work more efficiently. You have a great number to choose from. In this article, we’ll look at a few favourites, but they’re just the tip of the iceberg. Trying out Productivity […]

Time Management Tips – Two great books to read

Time Management Tips - Two great books

Time management tips and books on time management skills can be found everywhere, if you are on the lookout for time management tips, which aren’t only effective, but also easy to apply into your daily undertakings, and wish to look further afield than the time management tips and resources provided by myself, there are two […]

Improve Your Productivity – Clear the Clutter in Your Business

improve your productivity

Does your desk look like a bomb has hit it; do you have an in-desk instead of in-trays? This post aims to help you to clear the clutter from your business and improve your productivity. Clutter takes many forms and is usually created by working with inefficient systems and processes. You may like the idea […]