Business Owners – Free up an Hour A Day, Everyday

free up an hour a day

These tips are taken from my time management workshop and are the ones that usually resonate with delegates so I thought I would share them with the readers of my blog. These simple, yet when practised, superbly effective techniques have helped thousands of clients to free up an hour a day, everyday! So, when you read […]

How the 30 Day blog Challenge nearly won me an Oscar

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As mentioned in the post My 30 Day Blog Challenge, during the challenge, I achieved some great results and met some fantastic people who were all very supportive both within the group and externally. One such person was Michelle Gordon who subsequently went on to join my Facebook group the Time Management Academy and receive […]

7 Ways to Stay Focused at Work

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In order to meet your daily deadlines and to succeed in both life and your career, it’s important to stay focused where possible. However, maintaining high levels focus and concentration isn’t always easy to achieve. There always seems to be something that gets in the way Someone calls a meeting that you have to attend, […]

5 Steps to turn missed deadlines into a thing of the past

Missed deadlines

A lot of people feel constrained by deadlines, are you one of them? The fear of deadlines can lead to procrastination which then causes you to either miss a deadline completely or put yourself under undue stress to meet it when you are running out of time. If we are not careful we can quickly […]

Organizing Your Life

Get Things in Order Puzzle Pieces Organize Your Life or Work

Getting up early in thе morning, getting thе kids ready fоr school, holding thе sandwich in one hand аnd trying tо drive thе car wіth thе аnоthеr, аnd still reaching office late, nоt finding thе important document оn thе table, struggling tо meet thе target, picking uр kids frоm school, doing thе pending office work […]