11 Ways to Prioritize if You Have Trouble Focusing

How to prioritise even if you lack focus

How to Prioritize if You Have Trouble Focusing Lack of focus can interfere with figuring out your priorities. Devote time to the activities that matter most to you by concentrating on your top concerns. These techniques will teach you how to prioritize like a pro. Why should I Prioritize?  Simplify decision making. Smart choices seem […]

Time Management – It’s All About Setting Priorities

Time Management - It's All About Setting Priorities

One of the biggest obstacles with time management is not necessarily that you can’t manage your time, it’s that you’re not setting your weekly priorities. If you don’t know what you want or need to accomplish for the week, it’s difficult to sit down and actually do the work. By setting your weekly priorities and […]

Become a Time Management Master

Become a Time Management Master

In this hectic world we live in today, we always seem to be running doing something, whether it’s related to family life, work life, or a combination of the two. There are just so many things involved with both “lives” that we never seem to get everything done that needs to be done. In the […]

Time Management – Which System is for you?

Time Management – Which System is for you?

Have you been trying to find the best way to manage your time and have become completely confused trying to decide which time management program or technique will work best for you? There are so many books on time management all written by experts claiming that their system is the best and usually trying to […]

Take a Power Nap, feel better and be more Productive

Power Nap to improve productivity

Throughout history many famous people including Thomas Edison, Mark Twain and numerous American presidents are known to valued a power nap, and the British Prime Minister David Cameron recently confessed to taking them. Whilst a lot of people enjoy the benefits of taking a power nap during the day, there are also many that scoff […]

9 Ways to Be Ruthless with Your Time

9 Ways to Be Ruthless with Your Time

If you’ve created a time management plan and still failed to reach your goals, it’s likely because you’re too flexible and easy on yourself and others when it comes to the schedule. The sorry fact is that time is not limitless. You can’t get more. You can’t work harder to get more of it; it’s […]

4 Tricks to Overcome Procrastination at Home

Procrastination at home

Procrastination is the act of deliberately choosing to not complete an important task in order to do something else. Common reasons for procrastination at home include:  Feeling overly tired from working at your job Being tempted by outside distractions unrelated to the task Feeling uncertain how to begin a big, overwhelming task Not realizing the […]