7 Time Saving Tips to Help You Get Organised, Save Time, Be Happy

Time Saving Tips

Why can’t I get organised? Have you ever looked around you and thought I really must get this sorted out, when we are time pressured staying organised becomes very difficult and it is something that we have to work very hard at. In fact some people find it so difficult that they feel as if […]

10 Time Management Tips to Help Managers Use Your Time Efficiently

These simple Time Management Tips are taken from our time management workshops and have been proven to have helped our clients free up at least an hour in their day! And they will do the same for you but only if you are prepared to try them!! 1.  Write a plan! If it’s in your […]

15 Ways to Save time on the Telephone

Save Time on the Telephone

The average manager today spends as much as 25% of their time on the phone.  But whether mobile or land line the phone is an important communication tool in today’s business world, so how can you cut down the amount of time you spend on the telephone? Below are 15 strategies you may like to […]

Named as one of the best time management and productivity experts online

Good news came via my in-box recently informing me that ‘New York Times best selling author, Hank Reardon’ has listed The Time Doctor as one of the ’28 Best time and productivity experts online’ in his latest book Time Management 2.0 Very pleased and very humbled. Till Next time Mike Gardner – The Time Doctor

Use time management to create opportunities

Developing your time management skills not only makes you more efficient, giving you more time for the things you want to do, but it also brings new opportunities for success. Each day, make sure you include some time to complete tasks that move you closer to your goals. On your daily schedule, leave some wiggle […]

Focus – 5 Ways to Get Back on Track

In our busy lives, we find that everyday there are a thousand and one things vying for our attention in both our personal and work lives. When life is so busy and so much is expected of us it’s not difficult to understand why we sometimes lose focus of the big picture. Have you ever […]

7 Time Management Strategies – It doesn’t have to be difficult

Time Management can seem like a very difficult maths equation that no matter how much we practice, we never seem to get the hang of it, and if we do something happens that takes us back to square one. Sometimes all that is needed is a few good time management strategies that can be implemented […]

Time Management and Attitude

Time Management & Attitude

Until you accept that fact few if any of your time problems will be overcome, in order to overcome our time management issues we have to both understand what time management is and our attitude in relation to it.  “Look in the mirror and you will see your biggest time waster” ( John Adair) What […]