Delegation is the key to your success

Delegation is the key to your success and well-being. In order to be successful at what you do, you have to accept help from others. Collaboration and teamwork are the springboards from where new ideas bounce off. Therefore, the quality of your work improves when you receive input from others. In order to accept help […]

Strive to manage your time effectively

Life provides you with many things to do and sometimes you may think you manage your time effectively, but do you? There are activities you want to do as well as activities that you feel you must accomplish each day. You visit relatives regularly. You love seeing your friends. You take care of your important […]

Time Management Techniques to Turn Mountains into Mole Hills

Do you have an in-desk as opposed to an in-tray? Do you feel that you’re losing control as the pile of paper on your desk grows bigger and bigger, turning into a mountain before your very eyes? Don’t worry! By putting into place some effective time management techniques, you can very quickly be back in […]