Working from Home – 9 Ways to Get Going

Overcome a lack of discipline, structure and motivation

Working from home - 9 ways to get going

We have all been there, some days it’s hard to get motivated when you’re running your own business and working from home. There’s no boss to answer to, no one to hold your feet to the fire and no immediate repercussions if you goof off and spend the day watching videos on netflix, or playing […]

Working from Home – 10 Tips for Reducing Distractions

Working from home - Distraction

Life moves at a loud and fast pace. There’s always something calling for your attention and trying to distract you from the present moment. This can prove detrimental to any business, but even more so when you’re working from home. When you’re working from home, the work must get done if you want to keep […]

Working from Home – Finding a Balance

Don’t let your business cost you your family

Working from Home - Finding a Work-Life Balance

So let me ask you a question, why did you start your own business? Many people start a business to have more time with their family and to ensure this happens (and sometimes due to a lack of funds) they set up an office at home and join the many people who find themselves working […]

Achieve Quality Family Time

Quality family time is crucial to keep your family together

Achieve quality family time

Family time is crucial to keep your family together. However, if you are a working parent, ensuring you get quality family time can be very difficult. In the world of today you tend to find fewer families that conform to the stereotypical ‘perfect’ family unit, where one parent works and the other stays home to […]

Business Owners: Your Family Misses You by Mike Gardner

Foreword for my new book

Business Owners: Your Family Misses You

I will start todays post with an apology for being slightly self-indulgent, I hope you will let me get away with it on this one occasion. My first book Business Owners: Your Family Misses You is due to be published on the 1st September and I am pleased to announce that the New York Times Best […]

Saying No to Colleagues, Friends and Family

Be Firm, Be Polite, but Still Say No

Saying no to colleagues, friends and family

Have you ever said “Yes” to work colleagues, friends or family members, when your mind has been screaming at you to say “No”? We do it because we want to be seen as helpful and not rude. But what about you, every time you say yes to someone else you are in fact saying no […]

Focus – 3 Habits That help To Improve It

Don't let technology destroy your focus

Focus - 3 Habits That to Improve It

Do you ever have those days where you don’t seem to get anything done? Distractions are something that we all encounter from time to time, destroying our focus and often impacting our ability to get our work done. In recent times we have become very good at inventing things that on the face of it, […]

Distractions – Lessons From A Fish That Got Tempted

A story about staying focused on goals even when distractions are tempting

Disractions - Lessons from a fish

Fred’s favourite activity was going for an afternoon swim with his community school. What does he discover when, one day, he allows distractions to get the better of him, and they leave him behind to fend for himself? Fred the fish loved swimming around in unison and feeling like a part of something important. He […]

Procrastination – A common Urge to Overcome

Part 2 - Tips to Defeat Procrastination – Now!

Procrastination - Overcoming a common urge part 1

Following on from part 1, in which you discovered why you might be succumbing to procrastination we can now start to think about how we can overcome it. If you have not had time to read part 1 you can read it here – Procrastination – A common Urge to Overcome Part 1 Knowing the the […]

Procrastination – A Common Urge To Overcome

Part 1 - Why do we succumb to procrastination?

Procrastination - Overcoming a common urge part 1

Procrastination is a trap that many of us fall into on many occasions. Inevitably there are tasks, whether at home or work that we just don’t want to do, because we find them difficult, unimportant or just plain boring. Even when we were young we had moments of procrastination, how often did you have to […]