Complete the easy tasks first, gaining momentum and confidence

Self Reflection Friday #3

complete the easy tasks firstEvery goal and objective can be divided into a list of tasks. Each day, whether at home or work, includes a variety of missions to accomplish. By starting with a plan to complete the easy tasks first and completing them quickly, I am well on my way to achieving my goals.

When I complete the easy tasks first it builds a momentum that sustains me throughout the day. And with each success, I gain an even greater confidence in my ability to both start and complete tasks. I find I’m “on a roll” and strive to maintain it as long as possible with every project.

When I get stuck on a particular item on my to-do list, I simply rearrange the remaining tasks so I can tackle some easy ones again. Once I complete a couple of the easier ones, I am off again toward success!

Momentum is an awesome force. It’s like a snowball rolling down a mountain. Once it gets going, it rolls faster and faster, getting bigger and bigger as it catapults down the mountain. Yet all it takes to get it started is one little push!

Scheduling the easy tasks first is like giving myself that one little push to get me started. Then, once I get going, I gain extra energy from the momentum. Each task I complete adds to the force that keeps me going.

Today, I choose to be like the snowball, gaining more energy and confidence as I roll through my day. I am unstoppable! Nothing can stop me from success because I know that, with my confidence and courage, I can overcome any obstacle that arises in my path.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. Have I divided my goals into a list of tasks, scheduling the easy ones first?
  2. Do I jump into my daily routine  and complete the easy tasks first to give me momentum?
  3. Am I stuck with a particular task? What easy task can I accomplish to get me moving again?

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4 thoughts on “Complete the easy tasks first, gaining momentum and confidence

  1. Love this blog post, the advice seems very sensible yet from my coaching and personal experience, I would find myself choosing all easy tasks first, leaving the difficult one to the very end and procrastinating on it. What I found has worked for me is to see the important and relevance, if a task was important or urgent to complete now, I know that completing the easy ones first would take me away from reaching my goal, so I then split this difficult tasks into smaller ones or ask for help if needed. Love your blog and posts.

    • Junking things down is a good strategy Adriana, but I would also argue that if something has become both urget and important, then it should have been done sooner

  2. I find I tackle my tasks the opposite direction. If I complete too many easy tasks then I seem to run out of steam for the rest. I like to do a mixture of both, even alternating. However, each day, I do have a list of my top priorities I HAVE to do that day and those always get my attention first. Well, at least I try.