Delegating and Outsourcing Can Help You Save Time and Reach Your Goals.

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Delegating and Outsourcing Can Save You Time and Help You Reach GoalsDelegating and outsourcing can save you time and help you reach both your business and personal goals. As a business owner you wear many hats, you are the person who bears the accountability for everything that happens in your business. Because of this, you may be tempted to try do everything yourself. But in most cases this can quicly become a burden that will keeps you from reaching your goals.

It is worth remembering that whilst you can’t delegate accountability, you can delegate responsibility.

As your business grows, you may discover that delegating and outsourcing to a personal assistant (online or in-office) can help you get rid of the tasks that take up so much of your time, but don’t really add value, and keep you from the real tasks which could blast you ahead of the game.

Don’t think of delegating and outsourcing as a shortcoming. You’re actually thinking smart when you realize others can accomplish certain needs. This can give you the freedom to engage in bigger tasks, which can boost your business and your income.

Example – If you’re an online entrepreneur and need content for your site, consider hiring a freelance writer for some of your needs – especially if writing isn’t your strong point.

When deciding what tasks that you could delegate or outsource, consider bothe the cost of your time and the value of your time, which is usually 3 times the cost of your time.

There are so many tasks that when delegated or outsourced which will lighten your load and free you for other things, as a rule the only thing that I would never outsource is any marketing and financial aspects of my business, anything else I would consider.

What do you do that could be outsourced You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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4 thoughts on “Delegating and Outsourcing Can Help You Save Time and Reach Your Goals.

  1. I’m a big fan of outsourcing. Especially if you can clearly explain the ‘system’. I listed a whole series of processes and realised how many of them I could automate or outsource.

    Great post as always Mike.

  2. I totally agree with outsourcing and delegating, it helped me grow another business very nicley and we are doing the same in Sark eMedia at the moment. Its a sound business growth practise though a little strange when you start