How to Get ahead of the Half Term Holiday

The Half Term Holiday is upon us and it represents the first break since Christmas for a lot of people.  If you’re a Teacher, work in a School or just plan to take some time off to spend with your Family. You’ll need to get yourself organised this week to enable you to enjoy your time off.

How to Get ahead of the Half Term Holiday

To do list

You probably compile a to-do list most Monday mornings but this week’s needs to be even more thorough. Remember, you will not have the comfort of knowing that you can carry any unfinished tasks over to next week.

Look at the rest of your month in your calendar.  Undoubtedly you will have deadlines to meet at the end of the month but decide what can be left until that final week and what needs to be done before your Half Term Holiday. For tasks that need to be completed by Friday, add them to your list and rank them in order of importance.  Don’t overthink the planning stage but make sure you record everything that must done before you break up. This will ensure that you’re not rushing around in a mad panic on Friday.  Cross each task off as you complete them and re-write your list at the end of each day, so you know exactly what you need to do the next morning.

Stop procrastinating

When we think we have a lot to do, it can make us less productive. We find ourselves procrastinating about starting.  Sometimes we just need to get started.  It can help to write your to-do list the previous evening. This helps you focus on the first task without using too much brain power planning what you need to do.  If you’re dreading certain tasks that need to be done before Friday, maybe it’s time to get some help.


If there are certain tasks that you either will not find the time for this week, or you really do not want to do and it’s stopping you from doing other important tasks that you enjoy, consider delegating or outsourcing.  It’s important to stay motivated in our work, as it leads to more productivity.  Therefore, trusting someone else with certain tasks can give us the time and motivation to complete the tasks we need to, before we break up.  You might want to consider outsourcing certain tasks for the Half Term Holiday. Get someone to answer your phone calls, emails and monitoring your social media accounts.  If it allows you to enjoy your time away from work, the extra expense will be worth it.

Get up earlier

If you really do have a lot to complete before Friday, consider getting up earlier.  Now that the mornings are getting a bit lighter, it should be easier.  Having an extra hour before your colleagues get to work can help you to focus and get started, without the distractions that a busy workplace can present.  To make that extra hour even more productive, don’t log into your emails or Social media.

Hopefully, these tips will help you to get everything done before the Half Term Holidays, so you can enjoy a well-deserved break away from work, ready to return refreshed and motivated for the final week of February.

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