How to get everything completed in a 4-day working week

For many of my readers we are approach Easter. We can look forward to a 4-day working week, and not just one but two!  Whilst most of us will welcome our first Bank Holiday since Christmas and New Year, some of us will no doubt be worrying about how we’re going to get everything accomplished before we break up on Thursday.

4-day working week

So how can we ensure that all our important tasks are completed in our 4-day working week? allowing us the rest that we deserve? Here are a few tips that might help.

Structure your short week

Look at what you need to do before you finish on Thursday. Then plot tasks in your calendar playing to your energy cycles.  If you’re more alert in the mornings, put tasks that require more concentration in then.  Set time aside each day for checking your emails.  Maybe schedule meetings in the afternoons when you might otherwise be feeling drowsy, forcing you to focus.  Do whatever it takes to ensure that your 4-day working week is as productive as possible.

Let people know when you’re not available

To get everything completed before Easter you will need to focus, which is difficult when you make yourself constantly available.  Block time out in your calendar, so your colleagues know that you’re busy and not to be disturbed.  Close the blinds in your office (if you have one) and shut the door, or take yourself off to a quiet area to work.  Make sure you have time to focus and get as much done as you can.

Get enough sleep

The more energy you have, the more you’ll get done.  The clocks have changed, meaning that getting up might seem harder this week, as your body thinks it is getting up an hour earlier. Consequently, you might find that you’re naturally tired earlier than your planned bed time, as your body thinks it’s an hour later than it is.  Just ensure that you get enough sleep to feel energised and your 4-day working week will be more productive.  If you remind yourself that you have a 4-day weekend ahead of you, where you can stay up as late as you want, you might be more inclined to get more sleep in the preceding 4 days.

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Set yourself deadlines

Deadlines are a good way of ensuring that we remain focussed but make them realistic and manageable.  Rather than setting a deadline of 4pm on Thursday for everything on your to-do list to be completed, set deadlines for each task on different days.  This will keep you on track and ensure less stress and downtime.  You will be working at a manageable pace, ticking each task off your to-do list as it’s completed.

Turn off Social Media

Unless you use it specifically for your job, close your social media pages this week to ensure distractions are at a minimum.  We all have the potential to procrastinate, so if we remove tools that can make procrastination easier, it will help us to start work straightway, increasing our productivity.

Set yourself a time for each task

Because most of us like a bit of competition, setting ourselves specific times to complete a task can lead us to wanting to beat that time.  This can make our work more fun and increase our productivity at the same time.  Giving ourselves rewards for completing certain tasks can have the same effect.  Do whatever it takes to motivate yourself to get everything done before Easter.

Hopefully these tips will ensure you have a productive 4-day working week and complete everything that you need to before your well-deserved Easter break.

What do you have planned for the easter break? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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2 thoughts on “How to get everything completed in a 4-day working week

  1. Brilliant advice as expected from the number one authority on productivity and time management. As much as I enjoy bank holidays, they cut into your working week. However you’ve provided common sense strategies to make effective use of the time we do have available to us.