How to Make Time For Your Family

The whole issue of how you make time for your family has gown in the last few years. In America, October is known as National Work and Family Month and in the United Kingdom the first week of October is National Work Life Week both concentrate on the issue of work life balance particularly for working parents. This article is the first of a few i shall write in order to support and contribute to an are i’m very passionate about.

How to Make Time For Your Family

There are many ways that you can make time for your family and still enjoy your work. By making an effort to be with your spouse and children, you are showing your love for them.

Use the following five strategies to Make Time For Your Family

Communicate and Negotiate – What you want to get from time spent together. Do they want to go to the newest movies and you just want to relax at home and watch the game? Maybe you can negotiate that you can watch the game with them if there isn’t an interesting movie playing, but you will go with them if you all want to see the movie and you will tape the game.

Share what you know – If you have a passion for football, or a hobby like drawing, if you share it you just might find a convert, or at least a cheering section. By sharing, we extend ourselves into the next generation. Many times, what we enjoy doing was started by a parent sharing an experience with us. The upside is that you get to do what you enjoy, and the bonus is that we can spend time doing it with our families.

Get down on the children’s level – Sometimes just letting the children plan the day takes the pressure off of you and can open the day for an adventure you might never have thought of yourself. You just may learn to relax when you are home and finally be able to leave work at work.

Sunday Dinner – By having special routines on the weekends, when most parents are off from work, you let the time together become an extra-special looked forward to event. Make memories and new family traditions. In my house Sunday dinner was always the meal that everyone in the family made the effort to be at, regardless of what else was going on in their lives. In the winter Thursdays was always when my wife Wendy made a heart warming winter meal such as a stew or a casserole. Even today they are findly known as “Wendys Winter Warmers”. You can change anything up and make it your own. Does everyone in your family hate turkey? Make Thanksgiving your own way and have a baked ham instead.

Trim the excess togetherness – You don’t have to do everything as a family. Pick and choose what to do together as a group and what only two of you want to do. Spending time alone, or all sitting in the living room together in quiet is fine. Mum reads a book whilst Son plays a video game with headphones on, daughter draws and dad reads the newspaper, all together, but pursuing separate interests is still good.

Making time for your family can be the rock you build your life on. Work and family life don’t have to be at odds when you take the reins and define a place for each in your life.

If you’d like to learn more about how to make time for your family you may like my best selling book Business Owners: Your family Misses You. Available in both print and kindle versions.

What do you do to make time for your family You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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8 thoughts on “How to Make Time For Your Family

  1. Mike, this post is so useful for many people; even if they replace the word family with friends. Time to switch off and do meaningful activities are what life is all about. I love how you offer very easy to implement tips and strategies. Love the ‘Wendy’s Winter warmers,’ how utterly lovely.

  2. Some great points here mike, throughout my whole experience of owning my own business I made the decision to make Sundays family day which meant very little or no work and no clubs for the girls so we spent it doing whatever we wanted to as a family. It’s worked for us, we always make time every day to have our evening meal round the table together (whenever possible) this has always helped to include everyone in everything each of us do.