How to Stay Focussed and Motivated

Go on be honest, do you find it hard to stay focussed and motivated all the time? Sometimes it can be hard to feel enthusiastic about our work every day and this can lead us to lose focus. This loss of focus inevitably leads to a reduction in productivity.

How to stay focussed and motivated

It is likely that we have a variety of tasks to do on a daily basis. It’s natural to be more motivated to complete some more than others.  So how do we stay focussed and motivated on all the tasks we have to do? The following 5 ways might be a start.

Eat your frog for Breakfast

If there is a certain task that you really don’t want to do, it might be because it requires a great deal of focus, or involves a great deal of research, our motivation to complete this task will be low.  Try getting it out of the way first.  In effect eat your frog (your ugliest, most unpleasant task) for Breakfast.  Once you have completed this, your motivation towards the rest of your work will increase.  If you try to do this every morning, the rest of your day will be more productive.

Look at the bigger picture

Whatever our chosen career, there are going to be elements that we find hard to stay focussed and motivated about.  For example, we might enjoy planning and moving our business forward but we might not enjoy making the contacts to enable us to do this by networking, direct marketing etc.  In this instance, it can help us to focus and increase our motivation for these activities, if we recognise the importance that these steps will have on our future business.  When a task is linked to success or monetary reward, motivation increases.

Break tasks into manageable chunks

When we’re struggling to stay focussed and motivated on certain tasks it can be because the amount of work involved seems insurmountable and motivation to get started dips.  You can increase motivation by thinking of the work as a project and setting deadlines to complete each part of it.  Smaller tasks are often easier to focus on and keep track of.  Also, giving ourselves, deadlines means that we can recognise our progress, which will keep us motivated.

Try not to be a Perfectionist

In our chosen careers we may be experts at some things, but there will also be other tasks, that we must do, that we do not feel we are as qualified at.  Sometimes, if we feel that we cannot do a job perfectly, we will not focus on it and put it off.  By accepting that we can’t always do everything perfectly and motivating ourselves to just get started, we might find that we are better at the certain task than we had imagined, thus increasing our motivation.

Increase energy levels

It gets increasingly difficult to stay focussed and motivated when we are tired.  Our brains use glucose for mental energy, so it is important to keep the glucose level in our blood stream steady by eating healthily.  Foods such as lean protein, nuts, fresh fruit and vegetables can help to ensure that our brains receive a steady supply of mental energy.  Getting enough sleep is also important to our energy levels, as is getting regular exercise.  Therefore, increasing energy levels will lead to an increase in motivation towards our work.

Focus and motivation are extremely important to productivity.  Therefore, the more we do to stay focussed and motivated, the more industrious our days will be.

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