Managing meetings effectively – be assertive!

Managing meetings by being assertive

Managing meetings effectively can be hard work, especially as the size of the group expands. Trying to balance keeping time whilst discussing work thoroughly can be daunting – but not impossible!

Managing meetings assertively is the key to a smoothly-run, productive meeting. Importantly, it also keeps the focus of the meeting which is a big time-saver!

Here are some simple tips to help you be managing meetings assertively:

Be assertive, not aggressive: It’s important to be aware that there can be a very fine line between managing meetings assertively being aggressive. You want those in the meeting to respect your authority as a Manager, not lose all respect for you because they feel you are attacking them! You cross the line as soon as you stop considering the other person.

Address problems but re-enforce with positive feedback: You can’t ignore negative issues which need to be addressed, however firing problem after problem in your meeting without giving positive feedback can leave your employees to feel undervalued and lose morale. Address the issue, find a solution and enforce with something positive.

Make sure it’s the right time and place: For example, if you have scheduled a meeting to discuss sales and the conversation switches to marketing, step in and bring it back to what you were there to discuss. This will help keep the team focused and save any confusion.

Don’t expect everyone to agree with you: If you share an idea or thought you won’t always receive a positive response. Don’t make it a personal battle – listen to their feedback and supply them with more information to ease their concerns.

For more simple yet highly effective tips on how to have effective meetings why not join us on a workshop,

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The Time Doctor – Mike Gardner.

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