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The Time Management Academy is the place to find Time Management and Productivity online courses written and presented by The Time Doctor.

Develop Laser Focus

Online Courses - Develop Laser Focus Improving Your Concentration and Achieving More in Less Time

This online course consists of 5 modules delivered over 10 days, with PDF downloads and worksheets and has been designed to help you learn tips and techniques that will help you to develop laser like focus, Improve your concentration and achieve more in less time. it will help you to boost productivity in your professional life, and get more enjoyment out of your personal life.

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Maximize Productivity In your professional and personal lives

Online Courses - Maximize Your Productivity

This online course consists of 8 modules delivered over 8 weeks, with PDF downloads, worksheets, unlimited email and a personal clarity call with The Time Doctor at the end of the course. You’re going to learn tools and techniques that will help you maximize your productivity so that you can truly get more done in less time. These productivity apply to both your professional and personal lives.

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