Overcoming Procrastination in 6 Steps

How to Stop Procrastinating

Everybody suffers from procrastination at sometime, even if for only a short time. Even if you’re one of that rare breed who only seems to procrastinate occasionally, you’ll find the hints below helpful for managing this habit.

If you can manage procrastination you will be able to complete your tasks on time and get control over yourself and your life. And you will be free of that familiar feeling of chaos that ensues each time a deadline looms or you finish a task late.

Following the tips below will aid you in overcoming procrastination or at least lesson its impact.

Do you want to suffer now or later?

Those who get things done on time would rather suffer and just get it over with; they can then reward themselves for getting the task done. Those who procrastinate would rather wait, but they just suffer later and have no time to reward themselves.

  •  When you procrastinate, you inevitably start a task when the pain of doing it is less than the pain of not doing it. Except that by waiting, the pain is is inevitably far greater than if you had completed the task earlier.
  •  Getting the task done in plenty of time just makes so much more sense. You suffer less in the long run and you won’t have the pressure of the task hanging over your head for days or weeks.

Manage Procrastination with a positive mindset.

Do you find you spend a lot of time thinking about how difficult the task will be, or how horrible it is, or how much you don’t want to do it? Then try and focusing on how good it will feel to get it done and out of the way is a good way to overcome procrastination.

  • Try to think about the task and feel positive about it, if you can achieve this, the task is as good as finished.
  •  By the same token, think about the consequences of completing it late or the pressure you will put yourself under by leaving it to the last minute.

Just start it.

Most people who struggle with procrastination find it difficult to even make a start on a large task. Do whatever it takes to make yourself just start on the task. You will find that once you get going, you will establish momentum and it’s not usually as bad as you initially thought.

  • Procrastination can be beaten by setting up a plan where you complete a small chunk of the task everyday and give yourself a reward for getting a certain amount accomplished.
  •  Frequently you’ll find that if you can just get started, it’s not nearly as difficult as you imagined. Making a start is always the toughest part of the job.

Get some help.

Sometimes asking a friend to help with a task can help you to overcome procrastination and get the task done. It can also be motivational as you don’t want to let them down. Feeling like you’re not in it on your own can ease the challenge of completing the task.

Understand the ways you waste your time.

By being aware of the things you do, to put off what you should be doing, will make it easier to catch yourself when being subjected to the curse of procrastination.

  • Some common ways of wasting time would include, surfing the internet, constantly checking email, Interrupting others for no real purpose, and many more. What do you do? If you can answer this question, you’ll be able to spot them earlier and do something about it before you fall foul of the procrastination habit.

Track your progress.

If you wanted to lose weight, I’m sure you would weigh yourself once in a while to check your progress. Constantly check your progress so you can really see where you are and what you are achieving. You will be able to see straight away if you are starting to procrastinate.

Don’t let procrastination be a constant part of your life.

Focus on how good you’ll feel when you have completed that dreaded task. Do not procrastinate anymore; these tips are a good starting point, but only if you start right away!

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The Time Doctor – Mike Gardner

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