Pressed for Time at home or work? Consider Delegating!

The only way to make sure things get done right is to do it yourself, right? Well, there comes a time when you can only do so much in one day. Delegating tasks allows you to grow as a person. When you delegate effectively, you can improve your life all around because you’re no longer a one-man band that’s trying to entertain the world on your own!

Delegating At Work

You might find it tough to start delegating at work, especially if you feel like no one can get the job done as well as you. Rest assured, though, that others can do a quality job, but only if you give them the opportunity. They may not do it in exactly the same way as you would have, and that’s okay! At some point you need to let go of perfection and allow others to help.

If you have staff available at work, or the ability to outsource work to other companies and individuals, then you have the makings of a great team that can help you grow and succeed.

Consider delegating these tasks:

  • Anything that involves data entry.
  • Repetitive tasks such as photo copying or filing.
  • Fact finding missions and data collection.
  • Writing.
  • Design work.

It’s up to you to decide which functions and tasks can be fulfilled by delegating them to someone else. Once you’ve chosen a person capable of the task, it’s time to consider some detailed plans.

Always ensure that your instructions are clear. Provide details and examples of the end result that you expect and don’t focus so much on the steps they need to use in order to get there. If it’s technical work, you can create short video tutorials using free software called Jing, or provide templates and checklists.

If needed, you can check up on the people doing your tasks. Ask how things are going or tell them that you expect progress reports every day or week. This will help you to maintain a handle on whether or not things are on track.

In the end, you must maintain trust that everything will turn out right. While everything may not be exactly as you expected, delegation can still save you lots of time, stress, and headaches.

Delegating At Home

You can apply your delegation skills to your home life as well. You certainly don’t need to come off as a dictator, but you can have family meetings in order to get a better idea about everyone’s expectations.

Write out a list of all the home tasks that need to be completed. Decide a fair distribution of who will do what and maintain some clear deadlines.

Don’t forget that your children can complete some of the simpler tasks as a part of a chore schedule. Consider some type of reward, especially if you expect the little ones to be active participants. It’s a great motivator to reward each other every so often. If everyone has done a great job, consider a family dinner out to relax and let loose.

Evaluate The Results

Whether you’re involved in delegating at work or in the home, it’s important to evaluate the results. If you’re especially upset about how something has turned out, think about what you can do differently next time in order for things to go according to plan.

Remember to maintain trust and awareness about what is going on around you. Delegation can be a full time job in itself, but when done right it can provide an improved lifestyle for you and everyone around you.

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The Time Doctor – Mike Gardner

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4 thoughts on “Pressed for Time at home or work? Consider Delegating!

  1. Delegating is okay as long as you have the available funds to hire outside help. If not, consider asking someone to barter with you – there’s always that.

    What do you suggest for a person who can’t afford to hire outside help or barter for what they need? What then?

  2. Delegating is a GOOD thing! It let’s you focus on what you need to do and it adds responsibility to others. You hit the nail on the head- with “ensure that your instructions are clear”.