Procrastination – A Common Urge To Overcome

Part 1 - Why do we succumb to procrastination?

Procrastination - Overcoming a common urge part 1Procrastination is a trap that many of us fall into on many occasions. Inevitably there are tasks, whether at home or work that we just don’t want to do, because we find them difficult, unimportant or just plain boring. Even when we were young we had moments of procrastination, how often did you have to be told to tidy your room before you actually got round to doing it?

In today’s world of increasing technology, we find quick entertainment readily available. Switch on the radio, turn on the television, or plug in the iPod. All of these fun alternatives can ultimately prevent us from completing the tasks at hand. But of course, this gets us nowhere, fast!

Why is it so tempting to procrastinate? Nobody is exempted from this – it is a continuous struggle for many people. If you can be consistent in defeating procrastination – you will continually have enough time to complete your tasks and reach the goals you have set for yourself.

Below are some reasons why people fall in to procrastination. With these, you will at least understand why such behaviors come to be.

Lack of knowledge or skill.

Some people will delay starting something that they don’t know how to do. Without sufficient knowledge to do a task right, individuals will naturally postpone doing it until they feel they are ready to do so.

If you feel that you’re unable to build the skill level required to do an acceptable job, you will usually not attempt to carry out that task, because you know you can’t do it well at this moment in time.

Perfectionism or procrastination.

Having too high standards isn’t necessarily a bad thing and will lead you well towards completing perfect work. But more often than not, such drive is unrealistic and leads to procrastination. It will also consume lots of time for you.

You continually do your work over and over again until you consider it to be to your high standards. Perfectionism will also cost you time since you will usually put off doing something if you feel that you don’t have the time to do a perfect job.

Lack of commitment.

Without solid commitment to the things you have to do, there is no way you will be able to start on time or finish your tasks on time for that matter. Commitment relates to your personal discipline. Procrastination will be attracted to individuals who don’t have the discipline to work on things just because they don’t feel like doing so.

Fear of failure.

People suffering from the fear of failure, don’t have the courage to start working on what needs to be done because they fear that they will not have to give in to failure at an earlier time than necessary.

This will just prolong his agony however – and with such a negative attitude, they are also most likely destined to fail. Fear can be overwhelming – and if one is unable to control it well, you may well procrastinate just so that you can save face for some time. But we all know how this case ends – unable to accomplish the tasks on time and the corresponding low self-esteem resulting from the failure.

Lack of passion.

Without the passion to do the tasks at hand and follow through until completion, it will quickly become a problem. Not having the passion to work hard – or even to start working on the activities that need doing will be causes for you to procrastinate and do other things you consider to be more meaningful or fun.

Without that burning desire deep inside of you, it will indeed be hard to work on things and see it through completion. Not being able to find meaning to the task at hand, will be a reason for one to procrastinate.

Now you understand some of the most common reasons for procrastination, In part 2 which i will post tomorrow, I will give you some tips that will go a long way to overcoming procrastination when implemented.

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10 thoughts on “Procrastination – A Common Urge To Overcome

  1. Ugh—procrastination! It’s the bane of my existence. And perfectionism definitely plays a part. I actually neglected my little newborn blog for nearly two months! Why?!??! Fear of failure is there, dragging lack of commitment along with it by the hand, since it’s difficult to commit to something that scares you. Thanks for this–looking forward to Part 2. I definitely need a Time Doctor!

    • Glad you found the article useful, These rfears can strike at any moment and the more we think of something the more likely they are to appear, thanks for viisting

  2. I have plenty of passion and commitment isn’t an issue. I’m not afraid of failure or lack skills. Striving for things to be “perfect” often keeps me from starting or completing things I need to do. I’m working on that!
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