7 Ways to Stay Focused at Work

Stay on Task 3d Words Dart Board Complete Job

In order to meet your daily deadlines and to succeed in both life and your career, it’s important to stay focused where possible. However, maintaining high levels focus and concentration isn’t always easy to achieve. There always seems to be something that gets in the way Someone calls a meeting that you have to attend, […]

Learn to Say No and Take Control of Your Time

Learn To say No

Learning how to say no and being prepared to do so is one of the key steps on the path to taking control of your time. When we were young we used to say no all the time, but our parents or guardians very quickly ensured that we discovered that the word was unacceptable and […]

Time Management – 20 Self Reflection Questions

Time Management Checklist

Time management, self discipline, whatever we call it, sometimes we need to take a step back and really look at how our life is taking shape, do you feel constantly overwhelmed, overloaded, and not sure where you are going to get the time to get it all done, why not grab a cuppa and take […]

Time Management Mastery in 3 Quick And Easy Steps

In this fast paced and hectic world, everybody needs to become a Time Management Master; it is fast becoming one of the most sought after skills and is viewed as compulsory to those who wish to become super – successful, doing everything they want to, in order to achieve this level of success, I firmly […]

Stop interruptions – Say “NO” nicely using “Yes but…” statements

Say No Nicely

We have all been there, because we like to be helpful we find it difficult to say “NO” to others, for such a small word it has a lot of negative connotations. Unfortunately we have to learn to say “no” otherwise we become victims of constant interruptions from others. What we have to do is learn to […]

Interrupt your Interruptions

It is part of life that during our working day, there will always be interruptions and unanticipated events, that we have to deal with because they are linked directly to our job role. It is not these types of interruptions that are the problem. It is the unwanted, unnecessary interruptions, usually brought to us by […]