5 Steps to turn missed deadlines into a thing of the past

Missed deadlines

A lot of people feel constrained by deadlines, are you one of them? The fear of deadlines can lead to procrastination which then causes you to either miss a deadline completely or put yourself under undue stress to meet it when you are running out of time. If we are not careful we can quickly […]

Improve Your Productivity – Clear the Clutter in Your Business

improve your productivity

Does your desk look like a bomb has hit it; do you have an in-desk instead of in-trays? This post aims to help you to clear the clutter from your business and improve your productivity. Clutter takes many forms and is usually created by working with inefficient systems and processes. You may like the idea […]

Time Management – What we can learn from Mary Poppins

What Mary Poppins taught me about Time Management

Whether you’re raising children or flying jumbo jets, there’s a lot you can learn about time management from Mary Poppins. Mary set the gold standard for efficiency long before nannies began starring in reality TV shows. Take a look at what you can achieve when you’re organized, kind, and firm.   Mary Poppins’ Techniques to […]

11 Ways to Prioritize if You Have Trouble Focusing

How to prioritise even if you lack focus

How to Prioritize if You Have Trouble Focusing Lack of focus can interfere with figuring out your priorities. Devote time to the activities that matter most to you by concentrating on your top concerns. These techniques will teach you how to prioritize like a pro. Why should I Prioritize?  Simplify decision making. Smart choices seem […]