My 30 Day Blog Challenge

30 Day Blog Challenge

While here we are, the last post of my challenge to complete 30 blogs in 30 days as part of Sarah Arrows 30 Day Blog Challenge. I have to say I have thoroughly enjoyed doing it although it has indeed been a challenge at times to come up with both subjects and to get them […]

Learn to Say No and Take Control of Your Time

Learn To say No

Learning how to say no and being prepared to do so is one of the key steps on the path to taking control of your time. When we were young we used to say no all the time, but our parents or guardians very quickly ensured that we discovered that the word was unacceptable and […]

Organizing Your Life

Get Things in Order Puzzle Pieces Organize Your Life or Work

Getting up early in thе morning, getting thе kids ready fоr school, holding thе sandwich in one hand аnd trying tо drive thе car wіth thе аnоthеr, аnd still reaching office late, nоt finding thе important document оn thе table, struggling tо meet thе target, picking uр kids frоm school, doing thе pending office work […]

Time Management Tips – Two great books to read

Time Management Tips - Two great books

Time management tips and books on time management skills can be found everywhere, if you are on the lookout for time management tips, which aren’t only effective, but also easy to apply into your daily undertakings, and wish to look further afield than the time management tips and resources provided by myself, there are two […]

Time Doctor Nominated for UK Blog Awards

Thank you for your support Chalk Illustration

This morning I awoke to the news that my Blog has been shortlisted for the finals of the UK Blog Awards 2015. This would not have been possible without your support and votes, I really appreciate it. The Time doctor Blog now goes forward to be judged by a panel of expert judges and is […]

15 Ways to Save time on the Telephone

Save Time on the Telephone

The average manager today spends as much as 25% of their time on the phone.  But whether mobile or land line the phone is an important communication tool in today’s business world, so how can you cut down the amount of time you spend on the telephone? Below are 15 strategies you may like to […]